Buying a computer

Buying a computer is often rather like comparing apples and pears.

Recently I was driven to set up a standard list of specifications (for comparisons in Excel etc.).

Bear in mind that I don't edit sound often, movies at all, and the only game I play is Napoleon Solitaire.

Anyway, I hope you find it useful. I include an example of a PC:


  • Delivery may be extra.
  • MB "megabyte". Byte is pronunced "bite", not "bit". There are 1,000MB in 1GB "gigabyte". Giga rhymes with "bigger", not "Geiger". There are 1,000GB in a terabyte (TB).
  • Windows 10 32 bit can only see 3.5GB of RAM. Windows 10 64 bit may have problems with older hard- and software.


The list is aimed really at desktops rather than laptops, where one may need to relax the criteria. In the case of a laptop, you should try out the keyboard in a shop. Unless you insure your laptop, you may find you don't use it very much, as you will be worried about getting it stolen.

Last updated 5 May, 2016 by || Chris Dillon ||.