This site started off in November 1995 as a way of keeping bookmarks of useful mostly IT- and language-related sites online. In 1999 it became a site. It was at www.ucl.ac.uk/~ccaacdi from January 2004 until Nov. 2010, but it was in need of a face lift and contains a lot of non-UCL stuff, so I moved it to Google Sites.

Corrections and additions are always most welcome. I am especially grateful for suggestions in the areas of programming and other operating systems, e.g. Apple Mac and Unix.

Chris Dillon is Vice Dean | Enterprise, Faculty of Arts & Humanities, UCL.

About me


I have a degree in Japanese from the School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London. I have worked in the British Library as Head of the Japanese Information Service, at the Daiwa Foundation as Information Officer and at Wycombe Abbey School as Network Manager. In 1994 I wrote a book, Japanese for business, published by Hugos.


I really love languages and am especially interested in Chinese (Bridge to China) and Japanese (Bridge to Japan).