Financial Contributions to Our Chapter

To financially support our chapter's work directly:

Square Store:

Go to


Go to or login to PayPal and send your donation as a friend to


Please make checks payable to CISV Chattanooga and mail to:

CISV Chattanooga

P.O. Box 626

Chattanooga, TN 37401

Matching Gifts

Many corporations offer matching gift programs for their employees and their families. Most programs match dollar for dollar, but there are some companies that match 2:1 and even 3:1. This is a great opportunity and allows you to be credited with the matching gift. Contact your human resources office for a matching gift form and return the completed form to us.


Donating gifts of appreciated securities that have been held for more than one year enables a donor to:

  • avoid all capital gains tax on the appreciated portion of the stock
  • qualify for tax deduction equal to the stock's full fair market value
  • make a larger gift than might be otherwise possible

To make a gift of stock to CISV Chattanooga, contact James Hobbs at

Notes of Caution - All securities must be placed in CISV Chattanooga’s name prior to being sold; otherwise, you will be responsible for paying the capital gains tax.

Planned Giving

Planned Giving allows you as a donor to experience the joy of giving more to a cherished organization than you ever imagined possible. There are many ways to name CISV Chattanooga in your financial planning which also benefit your personal financial situation. Advantages include making a gift that does not interrupt current cash flow or diminish current portfolio, reducing estate taxes, and creating a gift from something other than capital to maximize tax deductions.

There are a number of possible avenues to take in making a planned gift to CISV Chattanooga:

  • Include CISV as a beneficiary in your Will
  • Name CISV as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy
  • Gift to CISV an annuity, life insurance policy, or real estate

While we are always happy to talk to you, we would be remiss if we did not advise that you should discuss your plans with your financial advisor or attorney.