Get Involved

We all have been touched by CISV either as leaders, delegates or parents of delegates. We really need volunteers to help spread the word about our amazing organization and help provide our programs to the community. Here is a list of the committees that we have - please contact us with a committee you would like to work on.


Every 3 years we host an international program right here in Chattanooga. In the past we have hosted Villages which are the cornerstone of CISV. We need a group to look at the different programs available for us to host and make recommendations on our hosting plan. This group also is responsible for the initial logistics of hosting (locating a hosting site and organizing a hosting committee).


One of the most important roles of our organization is fundraising. With out people organizing fundraisers, writing grants and ordering our merchandise, we would not be able to keep our programs affordable and offer scholarships.


We are the best kept secret in town. We need to change that! We offer an amazing alternative to summer camps and are very comparable in price to those camps. We need a group to help us go to schools and get information to local students and parents. Each of us can talk about our experiences with CISV and these conversations will help us increase the number of participants we have which will in turn increase the number of programs we can offer!


Our chapter has been a part of our community for over 30 years and during that time we have sent hundreds of delegates and leaders around the world. We want to reach out to each and every one of those former delegates and leaders.

Board of Officers

Like every organization, we have a board of officers:






Program Chairs (Village, Interchange, Seminar Camp, Step-Up) - works with each of the delegations to ensure a great CISV experience

Recruiting Chair - organizes our recruiting efforts

Public Relations - gets information into the community about us

Local Leadership Trainer - ensures that each of our leaders are trained and ready for their CISV program

General Stuff

We always need people who are willing to drive, chaperone, etc.