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I have been interested in all things historic since an early age, whether it being holidays or days out to historic houses, castles, standing stones, etc, or researching local history in local libraries, County Record Offices, or searching for Monumental Inscriptions in churchyards.

My research stemmed from an interest in the history of the old Farmhouse where I live, in the south Cheshire village of Weston, of which I started researching whilst at Secondary School.

Over that time I had amassed and researched a great deal of historic information, consisting of my local village and much else.

In 2008, after being asked to write a short account of the 'History of Weston' for the Parish Council Website, I was inspired to write the history of the village, after the Parish Council saw how much information I actually had, and this set me on my path.

This culminated into a published book called 'The History of Weston (South Cheshire)' in 2010.

Since then I've been researching more fascinating local history, to share with others, some of which has resulted in books, articles or small booklets, or articles for the local metal detecting Club that I was a member of.

My third book/booklet, written with fellow historian, Caroline Wood, is titled 'Englesea Brook's First Primitive Methodist Meeting House' and is available to download for free from this website.

Another book/booklet written in 2019, is titled 'The Lost Chapel and The Pubs of Barthomley' and is available to download for free from this website.

My forthcoming published book, which will be for sale, is called 'Lost Histories of South Cheshire' and consists of five local history subjects, which will be published at some point soon.

I attend quite a few history talks each year, organised by local history groups, as well as attending local history events. I am also a member of 'Betley Local History Society' and 'Cheshire Family History Society'.

I have worked as a Surveyor since 2002, after gaining my degree at Nottingham Trent University, and have 18 years professional experience. Over that time I have surveyed quite a few local historic homes and premises.

Details of all my historic works are available on the 'Publications' Page, with some examples of my work included, for your interest.

What's On This Website?

  • Publications: A list of all my historic works, with a few example extracts and short articles.

  • The History of Weston (South Cheshire): Look Up Service: Details on how I might be able to help with historic information relating to the village and its people.

  • All Saints' Church, Weston, Crewe, Cheshire - Guidebook

  • Englesea Brook's First Primitive Methodist Meeting House - Book 'AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD'

  • Betley & Area During The English Civil War - Guidebook 'AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD'

  • The Lost Chapel and The Pubs of Barthomley - Book/Booklet 'AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD'

  • The Green Man

  • Protective Devices, Apotropaic Symbols and Witch Marks; on Historic Buildings; with examples from Cheshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire

  • Apotropaic Identification

  • Apotropaic Ethiopia: Early Examples of Spiritual Protection from Christian Africa

See Page: Apotropaic Ethiopia

WEBSITE (Click Image)

  • Examples of Apotropaic Death: Including John Renie, The Odd Fellow, and Infinity

  • Knights Templar Chapel, Onneley

  • The Devil Stones of Acton

  • The Devil's of Audley, Barthomley and Betley

  • Donations to Englesea Brook Museum: Details of two items I have donated to a local Museum of Primitive Methodism.

  • Useful Links: Websites local historians or people interested in history may like to use.

  • Places To Visit: Local museums, historic places and religious buildings, you may like to visit.

  • Local Clubs & Events: Local History related Clubs and Societies you may wish to join, and Local Events you may wish to attend.

  • Contact: How to get in touch.

The History of Weston (South Cheshire)

Betley & Area During the English Civil War - Guidebook


Englesea Brook's First Primitive Methodist Meeting House - Book 'AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD'

The Lost Chapel and The Pubs of Barthomley - Book/Booklet


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