A Metaphor for Psychic Transformation/
A Bridge Between Past and Future

A five-part reading seminar
Thursday, December 3
Final session
7:00-9:00 p.m.
Wesleyan United Church
5964 Ave. Notre-Dame-de-Grace
      (At Royal)
105 Bus from Vendôme
             $50 for the complete series
      $12 per evening


December 3

Rubedo, and Sulphur Too

The Rubedo state is usually considered to be the culmination of the alchemical process.
        However the colour red is present in the very beginning as sulphur, of which far more is written than on rubedo.
       We will look at both aspects of red and see what qualities manifest in each.

Murray Shugar is the editor of the Montreal Jung Society newsletter and its website.
    Being an Aries he is inordinately fond of red.