Out of the Shadows:

A Play Reading about Emma Jung

and Toni Wolff


Saturday, October 1

7:30-10:00 p.m.

Concordia University

VA Building

1395 Blvd. René-Lévèsque W.

2nd Floor

Members $12, Non-Members $15

Students/Senior Members $8

A conversation with the "players" and the director will follow the play.

Please register ahead as there will be limited seating.

(514) 766-4130


Much may already be known about the other women in C. G. Jung’s life. First there was Sabina Spielrein, a central figure in the play The Talking Cure; our society staged a reading of this play more than ten years ago.

There was also Toni Wolff who was Jung’s companion during his encounter with the unconscious that would become his Red Book. She would become his second wife for decades afterwards.

This play, written by psychologist Elizabeth Clark-Stern, presents two fictional meetings between Emma Jung and Toni Wolff over two decades apart.

Although the meetings may never have taken place as portrayed in the play, what might they have been like?

Two local talents, Marsha Mundy and Shelley Snow, have been preparing to take on the roles of these strong and influential women who played significant parts in the life of Carl Jung and in the development of analytical psychology.

Drama therapist Stephen Snow will be directing a staged reading of the play.