We thank all of you who attended our events over the autumn season. 

    We will resume our program for the winter/spring season with a 

collaboration with CinéClubMontréal on Sunday, January 28.

    We will be watching the 1953 film "Les Orgueilleux" by Réné Allégret, 

featuring Michèle Morgan, a vedette of French cinéma at that time.

(The film will have English subtitles.)

    There will also be a short documentary film called "In Search of the Soul," 

(1972) about the life and work of the Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung.

     We hope to have a local Jungian analyst present to comment on 

the Allégret film.

To those who are looking for another activity until we meet again at 

the end of January, the group "horitesdepassage" is sponsoring a 

four-part series with Ginette Paris.

"Symboles et Mythe Personnel Dans la Guérison Psychique"

Pour ceux et celles qui cherchent d'autres activités durant les 

prochaines deux mois, veuillez noter cet évènement commandité 

par le groupe horitesdepassage.

Avec Ginette Paris.

Accredité par le OPQ.

Info: (514) 990-0319