C. G. Jung Society of Montreal

We thank you for your attendance at our events this past year. Our speakers came from such disparate places as Australia (David Tacey) and California (Connie Zweig), Zürich (John Hill) and Washington (Ken Kimmel). Our local talent featured Mathieu Langlais and Artemis Papert. John Vervaeke brought some academic flair from his post in Toronto.

We were hugely pleased by the participation of hundreds of Jung enthusiasts at these activities. You all Zoom in from far and wide. Zoom has been a veritable boon for us over the past three years.  

We will be continuing in this format for the upcoming year with some exceptions. 

Among the speakers we will be featuring are Stacey Jenkins of the C. G. Jung Foundation of Ontario, Jan Bauer and Susan Meindl of Montreal,  Roman Rogulski of Ottawa, Tom Singer (California); and from Zürich both Murray Stein and Diane Cousineau-Brutsche. Otto Betler will offer his musings on Erich Neumann from his Alpine retreat in Germany. 

We will, as always, offer two four-week reading seminars. 

We hope to see you again this year, even if only still through a screen. 

And on occasion face-to-face.

Have a grand and restful summer.