The following titles were recommended by area parents and educators of gifted students. Because of donations made by CESA 1 PAGE, these can be found in both the Milwaukee County and Waukesha County library systems.
Addelholt, MiriamPerfectionism: What's Bad About Being Too Good? 
Adelson, Jill; Wilson, HopeLetting Go of Perfect
Armstrong, ThomasYou're Smarter than You Think: A Kid's Guide to Multiple Intelligences
Asher, Donald Cool Colleges: For the Hyper-Intelligent, Self-Directed, Late Blooming, & Just Plain Different
Assouline, SusanDeveloping Math Talent
Baum, SusanTo Be Gifted and Learning Disabled
Berger, SandraCollege Planning for Gifted Students 
Boothe, DianeIn The Eyes of the Beholder - Critical Issues for Diversity in Gifted Education 
Caffrey, Janine WalkerNurturing Brilliance: Discovering and Developing Your Child's Gifts  
Callard-Szulgit; RosemaryParenting and Teaching the Gifted  
Castellano, Jaime; Frazier, Andrea DawnSpecial Populations in Gifted Education  
Choice, Penny; Walker, SallyThe New RtI: Response to Intelligence - 2nd Edition  
Cohen, LeonoraCoping for Capable Kids
Colangelo, NicholasIOWA Acceleration Scale Manual: A Guide for Whole-Grade Acceleration (K-8)
Colangelo, NicholasA Nation Deceived: How Schools Hold Back America’s Brightest Students
Coleman Ph.D., Mary Ruth; Johnsen Ph.D., Susan K.RtI for Gifted Students: A CEC-TAG Educational Resource
Cross, Tracy The Social and Emotional Lives of Gifted Kids 
Daniels, Susan & Piechowski, MichaelLiving With Intensity
Davidson, Jan Genius Denied 
Davidson, KayBloom's and Beyond 
Davis, Jessica HoffmannOrdinary Gifted Children: The Power and Promise of Individual Attention
Davis, Joy LawsonBright, Talented, & Black: A Guide for Families of African American Gifted Learners
Dawson, Peg; Guare, RichardSmart But Scattered
Delisle, James R.Barefoot Irreverence:  A Guide to Critical Issues in Gifted Child Education  
Delisle, James R.When Gifted Kids Don't Have All the Answers 
Delisle, James R. Parenting Gifted Kids 
DeVries, ArleneGifted Parent Groups SENG Model 
Dixon, FeliciaPrograms and Services for Secondary Gifted Students
Dixon, Felicia A.The Handbook of Secondary Gifted Education 
Eberle, BobCPS for Kids (Creative Problem Solving)
Elwell, PatriciaCreative Problem Solving for Teens
Elye, BeatriceTeen Success! Ideas to Move Your Mind
Fonseca, Christine101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids
Fonseca, ChristineEmotional Intensity in Gifted Students: Helping Kids Cope With Explosive Feelings 
Ford, DonnaTeaching Culturally Diverse Gifted Students 
Friedrichs, TerryDistinguishing Characteristics of Gifted Students with Disabilities
Gilman, Barbara J.Empowering Gifted Minds: Educational Advocacy That Works
Gilman, Barbara JacksonAcademic Advocacy for Gifted Children
Goertzel, VictorCradles of Eminence: Childhoods of More Than 700 Famous Men & Women
Golon, Alexandra ShiresVisual Spatial Learners
Gosfield, Margaret WayneExpert Approaches to Support Gifted Learners
Greene, RebeccaThe Teenagers' Guide to School Outside the Box
Gross, MiracaExceptionally Gifted Children 
Halstead, Judith WynnSome of My Best Friends Are Books, 3rd ed.
Halstead, Judith WynnSome of My Best Friends Are Books 
Heacox, Diane Differentiating Instruction in the Regular Classroom 
Heilbronner, Nancy; Munoz, Jennifer Heilbronner 10 Things Not to Say to Your Gifted Child - One Family's Perspective  
Hein, Rebecca LangeA Case of Brilliance
Homayoun, AnaThat Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week
Isaacson, KarenLife in the Fast Brain: Keeping Up With Gifted Minds
Jackson, YvetteThe Pedagogy of Confidence:  Inspiring High Intellectual Performance in Urban Schools
Jacobsen, Mary-ElaineThe Gifted Adult
Jeweler, Sue; Barnes-Robinson, Linda; Shevitz; Stemple, Marisa101 School Success Tools for Smart Kids With Learning Difficulties
Johnson, Susan K.; Sulak, Tracey N.; Rollins, KarenServing Gifted Students Within an RtI Framework: A Practical Guide
Jolly, Ph.D., Jennifer L.; Treffinger, Ph.D., Donald J.; Inman, Tracy F.; Smutny, Joan F.Parenting Gifted Children: The Authoritative Guide From the National Association for Gifted Children  
Karnes, Frances A.Acceleration Strategies for Teaching Gifted  Learners
Karnes, Frances A.Gifted Children and Legal Issues in Education: Parents’ Stories of Hope 
Karnes, Frances A.Gifted Children and Legal Issues: An Update 
Karnes, Frances A.Gifted Children and the Law: Mediation, Due Process, and Court Cases 
Kay, KiesaUniquely Gifted: Identifying the Needs of the Twice Exceptional
Kerr, Barbara A.Smart Boys: Talent, Manhood, and the Search for Meaning
Kerr, Barbara A.Smart Girls: A New Psychology of Girls, Women and Giftedness
Kingore, BertieDifferentiation: Simplified, Realistic, and Effective
Klass, Perri Quirky Kids 
Klein, Barbara S.Raising Gifted Kids 
Laney, Marti OlsenHidden Gifts of Your Introverted Child 
Lesesne, Teri S.Naked Reading- Uncovering What Tweens Need to Become Lifelong Readers 
Levine, Mel Educational Care (Second Edition) 
Lovecky, DeirdreDifferent Minds
Lowder, JamesFamily Games: The 100 Best
Matthews, Dona J.Being Smart About Gifted Children:  A Guidebook for Parents & Educators 
Mendaglio, SalDabrowski's Theory of Positive Disintegration
Muratori, MichelleEarly Entrance to College 
Neihart, MaureenPeak Performance for Smart Kids
Neihart, MaureenThe Social & Emotional Development of Gifted Children: What Do We Know?
Nunley, Kathie F.Differentiating the High School Classroom
Olszewski-Kubilius, P.; Karnes, F.; Stephens, K.Gifted Adolescents
Olszewski-Kubilius, P.; Limburg-Weber, L.; Pfeiffer, S.Early Gifts: Recognizing and Nurturing Children's Talents
Palladino, Lucy JoDreamers Discoverers and Dynamos 
Palmer, DavidParent's Guide to IQ Testing and Gifted Education
Petersen, Jean SundeThe Essential Guide to Talking with Gifted Teens 
Petersen, Jean SundeGifted At Risk: Poetic Portraits
Pfeiffer, StevenHandbook of Giftedness in Children: Psychoeducational Theory, Research, and Best Practices
Piechowski, Michael M.Mellow Out, They Say.  If Only I Could.
Piirto, JaneUnderstanding Creativity
Polette, NancyGifted Books, Gifted Readers
Rakow, Susan Educating Gifted Students in Middle School: A Practical Guide 
Reilly, Jill M.Mentorship: The Essential Guide for Schools and Businesses
Renzulli , JosephLight Up Your Child’s Mind: Finding a Unique Pathway to Happiness & Success
Rimm, SylviaGrowing Up Too Fast
Rimm, Sylvia Keys to Parenting the Gifted Child 3rd edition 
Rivero, LisaSmart Teen's Guide to Living with Intensity
Rivero, Lisa A Parent's Guide to Gifted Teens
Roberts, Julia; Boggess, Julia RobertsTeacher's Survival Guide: Gifted Education  
Robinson, AnnBest Practices in Gifted Education 
Roeper, AnnemarieThe 'I' of the Beholder: A Guided Journey to the Essence of a Child
Rogers, KarenRe-Forming Gifted Education 
Ruf, Deborah L.Losing Our Minds: Gifted Children Left Behind 
Schultz, Robert; Delisle, JamesSmart Talk: What Kids Say About Growing Up Gifted
Schultz, Robert; Delisle, JamesMore Than a Test Score  
Silverman, LindaCounseling the Gifted and Talented
Simpson,Cynthia; Spencer, VickiCollege Success for Students with Learning Disabilities
Sisk, DorothyMaking Great Kids Greater: Easing the Burden of Being Gifted
Skinner, WendyInfinity and Zebra Stripes
Smutny, Joan FranklinStand Up For Your Gifted Child
Smutny, Joan FranklinTeaching Young Gifted Children in the Regular Classroom
Sternberg, Robert J.Definitions and Conceptions of Giftedness
Sternberg, Robert J.Successful Intelligence
Sternberg, Robert J., Elena Grigorenko, Linda JarvinExplorations in Giftedness
Streznewski, Marylou KGifted Grownups: The Mixed Blessings of Extraordinary Potential 
Strip, Carol Ann Helping Gifted Children Soar ( Spanish Version)
Strip, Carol Ann Helping Gifted Children Soar 
Tallent-Runnels, Mary; Candler-Lotven, AnnAcademic Competitions for Gifted Students
Tieger, Paul D.Nurture by Nature
Tomlinson, Carol AnnFulfilling the Promise of the Differentiated Classroom
Tomlinson, Carol Ann The Differentiated Classroom: Responding to the Needs of All Learners 
Tomlinson, Carol Ann The Differentiated Classroom: Responding to the Needs of All Learners 
Trail Ed.D., Beverly  Twice-Exceptional Gifted Children: Understanding, Teaching, and Counseling Gifted Students  
Treffinger,D.;Young,G.;Nassab,C.; Wittig, C.Expanding and Enhancing Gifted Programs: The Levels of Service Approach
Van Tassel-Baska, JoyceServing Gifted Learners Beyond the Traditional Classroom
Van Tassel-Baska, JoyceExcellence in Educating Gifted and Talented Learners
Walker, Sally YahnkeThe Survival Guide for Parents of Gifted Kids 
Webb, James T.Grandparents Guide to Gifted Children
Webb, James T.Guiding the Gifted Child
Webb, James T.Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses of Gifted Children and Adults 
Webb, J. ; Gore,J.; Amend,E.; DeVries,A.A Parent's Guide to Gifted Children
Weinfeld, RichSmart Kids with Learning Difficulties
West, ThomasIn the Mind's Eye
Whitney, Carol Strip; Hirsch, GretchenA Love for Learning: Motivation and the Gifted Child
Willis, JudyInspiring Middle School Minds: Gifted, Creative and Challenging
Whitney, Carol StripHelping Gifted Children Soar - 2nd Edition
Winebrenner, Susan Teaching Gifted Kids in the Regular Classroom 
Winebrenner, Susan Teaching Kids with Learning Difficulties in the Regular Classroom
Wood, ChipYardsticks 
National Association for Gifted ChildrenThe NAGC Mile Marker Series: Your Road Map to Successfully Support Gifted Children 

Videos and Presentations

Jackie Drummer - Supporting the Gifted Child in School and at Home (October 16, 2012 at Shorewood High School) - PowerPoint Presentation 

Jackie Drummer - Supporting the Gifted Child in School and at Home (October 16, 2012 at Shorewood High School) - Video Links

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Chrystyna Mursky - Gifted Education in an RtI Framework  (November 16, 2011) - PowerPoint Presentation

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