Leadership, decision-making, social network, modelling, primatology, complexity, information and disease transmission, epidemiology, fission-fusion...

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Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien; 23, rue Becquerel f-67087 Strasbourg Cedex FRANCE

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Sueur, C. 2018. L’anthropomorphisme, un faux ami ? Le cercle Psy, Hors-Série n°7, La Psychologie des animaux

Communiqué de presse CNRS: Pathologies et interactions sociales : se regrouper pour mieux lutter. Et si les comportements sociaux pouvaient influencer la progression des maladies, même non contagieuses ?

Mission pour l’Interdisciplinarité / IFSEM Audiovisuel – CNRS – 2017

PCI Peer Community In Ecology recommender

Latest papers:
De Jong N., Debache I., Pan Z., Garnotel M., Lyden K., Sueur C., Simon C., Bessesen D., Bergouignan A. 2018. Breaking up sedentary time in overweight/obese adults on work days andnon-work days: Results from a randomized feasibility study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 15(11), 2566

Ramos A, Manizan L, Rodriguez-Gonzalez E, Kemp Y, & Sueur C. The social network structure of a semi-free roaming European bison herd (Bison bonasus). Behavioural Processes, in press

Sebastian Sosa, Marie Pelé, Elise Debergue, Cedric Kuntz, Blandine Keller, Florian Robic, Flora Siegwalt-Baudin, Camille Richer, Amandine Ramos, Cédric Sueur. Impact of group management and transfer on individual sociality in Highland cattle (Bos Taurus) (2018), arXiv, 1805.11553v4, peer-reviewed by Peer Community in Ecologyhttps://arxiv.org/abs/1805.11553v4

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