Leadership, decision-making, social network, modelling, primatology, complexity, information and disease transmission, epidemiology, fission-fusion...

Maître de Conférences, Associate Professor

Coordinator of the network SNAAS

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3 talks, 1 poster and 1 symposium! Come to see us!!!

• Early Maternal Loss Affects Social Grooming Similarly in Wild-Caught and Captive-Born Male Chimpanzees

• A Mathematical Model to Predict Hierarchical Rank in Macaca Mulatta and M. Sylvanus

• Proximate Mechanisms Underlying Primates’ Complex Social Networks: A Modelling and Comparative Approach

• Poster - How Does Castration Change Integration of Immature Males in Their Familial Group Network in Captive Western Lowland Gorilla?

• Symposium Social networks in primates: From individuals’ attributes to network diffusion




Latest papers:

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