Leadership, decision-making, social network, modelling, primatology, complexity, information and disease transmission, epidemiology, fission-fusion...

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"Your paper had the highest social impact among those published in Primates in 2015-2017. We established this award to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Japan Monkey Centre. An announcement for this award will be printed in the 2017 October issue of Primates.



Mission pour l’Interdisciplinarité / IFSEM Audiovisuel – CNRS – 2017

Latest papers:
Balasubramaniam KN, Beisner BA, Berman CM, De Marco A, Duboscq J, Koirala S, Majolo B, MacIntosh AJJ, McFarland R, Molesti S, Ogawa H, Petit O, Schino G, Sosa S, Sueur C, Thierry B, de Waal FBM, McCowan BJ. 2017. The influence of phylogeny, social style, and sociodemographic factors on macaque social network structure. American Journal of Primatology, in press

 "Questions d'actualité en Ethique animale". Marie Pelé & Cédric Sueur. Editions L'Harmattan.

Shimada, M & Sueur, C. 2017. Social play among juvenile wild Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata) strengthens their social bonds. American Journal of Primatology, in press.

Sueur, C., Kuntz, C., Debergue, E., Keller, B., Robic, F., Siegwalt-Baudin, F., Richer, C., Ramos, A., Pelé, M. 2017. Leadership linked to group composition in Highland cattle (Bos taurus): implications forlivestock management. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, in press. Doi: 10.1016/j.applanim.2017.09.014

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Borgeaud C, Sosa S, Sueur C, Bshary R
. 2017. The influence of demographic variation on social network stability in wild vervet monkeys. Animal Behaviour, in press

Puga-Gonzales I & Sueur C. 2017. Emergence of complex social networks from spatial structure and rules of thumb: a modelling approach. Ecological Complexity, 31C pp. 189-200