Buffalo Hunt

CVV Buffalo Hunt

This event is a Buffalo hunt NOT a shoot. It is designed to simulate the hunter having the element of surprise on a small buffalo heard.

You crest a small rise and spot a heard around a water hole. The tree cover around the water grows every year, so the buffalo may not be in clear view. Just like an actual hunt you may have to look for them.

Because of the element of surprise on the heard, you will only be timed on your FIRST run over the rise. So pick the fire arm you are most confident with for your first run. You are welcome to shoot as many times with different firearms as time of day allows. You will be scored but not timed on additional runs. So you can shoot for “bragging rights” but not awards on additional runs.

The Buffalo will be placed from 30 to 110 yards. The number of rounds specified at the time of the shoot (normally 10 rounds) is all you will fire. No sighter or fouling shots.

All firearms will only be loaded once the firing position is reached. Please remember all rules of firearm safety, keep your muzzle down range at all times.

This is a unique event because of the layout of the CVV range. It is not the same every year, the buffalo move and brush grows. We want it to have an element of the unknown, just as you have when hunting. The T.O.s will help you find the buffalo if needed. So relax and have fun, your not going to starve!

Categories for both men and women

Lever action: Your main match rifle and loads.

Big Bore Lever: Rifle caliber (38-55, 45-70 ect.) Loaded with cast lead only.

Single Shot: Sharps, Rolling Block, Handi Rifle ect. Loaded with cast lead only.