Range Features

Our Range

The Cedar Valley Vigilantes range consists of twelve cowboy action main match Shooting bays, each with it's own old west theme.

Each shooting bay provides a 40 foot wide shooting area walled off on each side by 8 foot rail road tie walls, and each is approximately 60 Feet deep ending in a 20 Ft earthen wall. These spacious staging areas allow for a wide range of options and versatility when creating scenarios,allowing for safe lateral as well as down range movement.

The shooting bays feature spacious walled off loading and unloading areas maximizing safety in the event of a gun malfunction or accidental discharge.

All of our Pistol and Rifle targets are 16 inch square hanging targets and an assortment of other shapes for added variety.  All with specially designed stands with a low profile steel base and sacrificial wooden verticals that can be quickly and easily replaced should the need arise.

We have 60 large coffin shotgun knockdown targets, easily calibrated for even the lightest shotgun loads, as well as a variety of swinger and popper type shotgun targets to keep things interesting.

While it is a given that any shooing sport has potential hazards, Cedar Valley Vigilantes have spent a great deal of resources to provide the safest possible shooing area, yet still maximizing versatility.

Cowboy Action Shooting Staging Areas

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Bay 1: "Mine Shaft"

CAS 02 The Coral

Bay 2: "Store"

Bay 3: "Main Street"

CAS 04 Minnie's Dress Shop

Bay 4: "Clothing Shoppe"

CAS 05 THe Livery

Bay 5: "Livery"

CAS 06 The Train

Bay 6: "Train"

CAS 07 The Telgraph Office

Bay 7: "Telegraph Office"

CAS 08 The Bank

Bay 8: "Bank"

Bay 9: "Saloon"

Bay 10: "Hotel"

Bay 11: "Marshal Office"

CAS 12 Wo Fatt's Laundry

Bay 12: "Wo Fatt's Laundry"

Dedicated Wild Bunch Shooting Area

WB Bay 01

Wild Bunch Bay 1

WB Bay 02

Wild Bunch Bay 2