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Chaudiere Junction

261.0 miles from Depot Harbor


Protection at Public Crossings
Wellington Street Automatic Bell GTRB&B


Bridge 48

(MP 135.99 1/2 from Alburgh Jct)  This through girder bridge was 71' long, with a 66' span that carried the rails 25' above the CPR tracks below [GTRB&B].  The OA&PS initially asked for a crossing with 40' between abutments, and the CPR desired 100', which would have cost the OA&PS a further $10,000 [Renfrew Mercury, 1892-11-04].

Coal Trestle

Destroyed by fire along with more than 1,000 tons of coal and coke and 18 of 22 coal hoppers late on the night of 1956-06-26.  At this time, the warehouse and stockpiles at 333 Preston St were owned by the Hall Fuel Ltd.  (Ottawa Citizen 1956-06-27. Thanks to Colin Churcher)


Date Event Source Notes

1898-03-18 J.R.Booth is to erect a flour mill at Chaudiere. It will produce 300 barrels of flour per day (very large). Fleming: Renfrew Mercury
1899-06-30 Booth is to build a calcium carbide plant on site of old mill. It will consume 250 tons of sawdust per day. Fleming:Renfrew Mercury
1901-12 Gates placed at crossing with Richmond Rd. 3 pairs of gates in 150 yards -- citizens considering a viaduct. CRSW p353


Laurier C771 p40527
A map showing the CAR route around Chaudiere Falls and a proposed route. No date or letter.


CPR roundhouse, Ottawa West

McKay Milling Co.

Chaudiere Branch