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Parry Sound Colonization Railway Company


1885-03-30Incorporated under Ontario Act 48 V Chap 78 to build from a point on the GTR's Toronto and Callander line to Parry Sound.CNRHist
1885Major promoters from PS met with minister of Rys and canals. Minister was not encouraging as they had not mapped out business case. Promoters changed orientation of Ry to make it likely to become part of line from Ottawa.Bell pp.45-52It seems likely that the promoters met with Booth at this time.
1889Sir John A. MacDonald promises subsidy of 3200 per mile would be honoured providing local investment comes through.Bell pp.45-52
1890Acquired locomotive #1 from the CPR.Railroad History Bulletin #147
1891Construction begins.G.R. Stevens, p. 367. Thanks to Jeffrey P. Smith
1892-720 miles of track from Scotia Jcn to Bear lake in operation. Booth tours line in July. Rumours that CPR was buying PSCRy.Bell pp.45-52
 1892-09-16A new construction syndicate has been arranged and construction to resume and continue through the winter.  New passenger coach on the line, and freight and passenger service to be provided through the winter Bear Lake to Scotia Junction.
 Parry Sound Star, 1892-09-16
PSCR has been purchased by Booth
Eganville Leader, 1892-09-30
1894Emsdale (1.82 miles north of Scotia) was listed in a July 2, 1894 GTR time table as a "Union Station" with the Parry Sound Colonization Railway. While the PSCR joined the GTR at what would become Scotia it used the "established community" of Emsdale as its terminus. There was a south to west wye connection to facilitate this operation.Correspondence with Jeffrey P. SmithWas the route of the OA&PSR already established as passing through Scotia? Or did it aim for Scotia because of the PSCR? In any case, no station was built at Scotia until after the opening of OA&PSR.
1894Line opened Scotia to Eglington, 30 miles

1895Line opened Eglington to Rankins, 10 miles

1896Line opened Rankins to Rose Point, 7.75 miles

1896-10-05Amalgamated with Ottawa, Arnprior and Parry Sound Ry. Co. under Canada Act 60, V Chap 8.