Jobs Required for Meets

Backup Timer
Using a stopwatch provided by the team, the timer starts the watch using the strobe light of the starting machine as the starting signal and stops the watch when any part of the swimmer touches the wall.  There is a timer from each team working each lane, but the home team timer writes both times down on the card and then gives it to the runner.  The backup timer starts the watch at the beginning of the race and helps any timer whose stopwatch didn’t start correctly.  Brief training is all that is required for the timer jobs.  
Bullpen Typically there are two parents in the bullpen.  One gives lane assignments and lines the swimmers up in the correct order.  The other parent checks that the kids are in the correct order and releases the kids to the blocks.  
Runner Collects time cards from each of the six lanes plus the place-order slips from the two finish judges and delivers them to the scorer’s table.  
Concession stand Sells concessions and team gear at the meets.  Collects parent donations and checks family names off for each donation.  Two people per half are needed, so that you can take a break and watch your swimmer when he/she is up for an event.  
50/50 Raffle Sales Sells 50/50 Raffle tickets up until the half-time break. Only for home meets
Event Number Operator Flips the number for each event as it occurs.  Simple job, but it is important to pay attention and make certain you have the right number displayed. Only for home meets
Place Judge Stands at the finishing end of the pool and marks who finishes in what place.  Place is usually determined by the swimmer’s time, but if two swimmers tie according to the stopwatches, the place judge results may be used to overrule the timeclock.  
Stroke Judge The Stroke Judge watches the swimmer's form and must disqualify the swimmer if the stroke does not meet stated criteria. There are 4 stroke judges, 2 from each team, located diagonally across the pool from each other. The stroke judges are primarily responsible for the three lanes on their side and at their end of the pool. The Stingrays have training videos, and there are swim league stroke judging clinics. If you are focused and decisive, this is your position. The swim team and league are always badly in need good stroke judges.  Requires training. Requires training


Runs the meet. Operates the "Start System" to make announcements; calls the swimmers up for their events, combining events when possible to expedite the meet. Starts each event. Judges false starts and makes sure backstrokers’ feet are underwater before the start of the race.  Only for home meets

Requires training

Timing System Operator

Operates the Timing System and assists the Scorer with meet execution.  Only for home meets

Requires training

 Scorer Operates scoring software. Seeds the meet, preps sheets, enters times. Includes computer work before and after meet. Requires training
 Volunteer CoordinatorThe overseer who makes sure all jobs are filled and that things run as smoothly as possible. Must be willing to approach people at the meet to help fill jobs at the last minute. This would be a person who knows many of the faces around the pool, and has often been a season-long position. The Volunteer Coordinator needs to be familiar with all the positions, the potential problems, and be able to draft helpers and give rapid on-the-job training.
 Locker Room CheckersOne monitor for each boys and girls locker room is needed to periodically check to make sure swimmers are not hanging out in the locker room.