Team Information

Philosophy of the Stingrays Swim Team

To develop a fun and challenging swimming program for the youth of Belchertown, providing an opportunity for individual and team competition and stressing sportsmanship, team loyalty and personal improvement. The program shall be structured to provide challenges and skill development for all ages, from beginners to high school level competitors.


  1. To develop a program in which each individual swimmer can realize his or her fullest potential.
  2. To foster sportsmanship and fair play in every respect, both with teammates and opponents.
  3. To insure effective teaching of specific swim strokes and techniques to maximize each swimmer's competitive ability.
  4. To continuously increase swimmers' skills and abilities through a structured teaching/coaching approach based on the individual's level.
  5. To recognize improvement and effort by rewarding personal accomplishments through a structured "personal best" program.
  6. To establish a sense of team loyalty, and support and respect for parents, coaches, team mates and all officials.
  7. To provide incentive and coaching so that swimmers with the potential to achieve National Motivational times may have the opportunity to do so.
  8. To require parent participation and commitment through volunteerism and support of all swim team activities.