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boston stranglers active & out of state...

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From our London office, Darren came over here to work at Boston Scoot. He has been a scooterist for many years and is a great addition to our club. Too bad when he first showed up he had a mullet. He has a GP225 a P225 and a T5. Currently Darren finds time to come visit us on holiday while working as a mechanic in the UK.

Nikki is a Califorian transplant who loves to ride hard. She rode the same P200 for 4 years until it was stolen in 2003. She has responded by buying every bike she's seen since then and keeping them so ugly no one would steal them. She's now living in Philly subjecting those brotherly love jackasses to the horrors of her penguin-themed P200.

Erin is one of the most hardcore ladies around. As a bike courier and a former roommate of Travis', she has seen every horror known. She unwinds on her titty-pink VBB, or with copious amounts of alcohol.

Horton is a jackass that rubs everyone the wrong way. After pissing off the whole of Rhode Island, he had no choice but to look for a club in another state. We took pity on him because he's a loud, hard-riding, tattooed kid who wrenches scooters. When not working as Javaspeed's mechanic, he's riding around on Sharpie-customized bikes like his current P200.