boston stranglers alumni...

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Misty initially hated scooters -- or the time Woody spent on them. Once he managed to convert her, she became unstoppable. She has a '66 ss90 replica and a '66 150 Sprint that she has ridden to Canada twice and N.Y. four times. One of her more memorable acts involved riding Woody's scooter full throttle over a ten-foot cliff during the gymkhana at a Demon rally. She showed Woody how to get a better time but broke her shoulder in the process.

One of the original members who held out first meetings at a parking lot in front of his house. He currently DJs at the Common Ground every Wednesday for "mod night" and is known for having an entourage of Euro-trash chicks wherever he goes. He owns a rally 200 and is on the lookout for a SX 200 "just like Paul Weller has."


He has been a member since 1994 and has yet to finish his bike because he's constantly immersing himself with half a dozen projects. Andy's current project is a series II TV 175, but rides a rice burner a majority of the time.


Known to many as "Modley," Benny is a first generation Strangler. He has owned many a motor-scooter, but his most recent bike is a Lambretta Jet 200 (sadly "in the shop"). Benny is an avid disc jockey and master of ceremonies, and has possibly the most extensive caribbean vinyl collection in Massachusetts.


Drew went thru several scooters before settling on a lammy silver special. He used to just borrow a scooters from Jason's collection but club rules require that he has a running bike of his own. Now if we could only get him to ride it. Fun Fact: Drew is also the only vegetarian I know who has a weakness for bacon.


Casey has been a member since 1995. He has recently returned to Boston from DC, where he got his Ph.D. in psychology. Casey can be seen riding around town on his sweet SX200 with a different girl riding bitch every week.

It seems that Lifto has owned every bike in the club at one point or another, after selling his modded-out 1965 Vespa Super to Grayson, who knows what's next. Lifto may be living in California now, but he's still a Strangler.


Two stroke isn't the only thing burning here!


A Boston native of Irish descent, Fordy has collected more than one "Rally Asshole" trophy. By day, he works at a university archive and by night runs a club night called "Get Smart!" where he and other top deejays spin Jamaica oldies and "Northern" soul. He also paints pretty pictures that have been exhibited in local museums, fashion shows, galleries and bars.

Fordy is currently "working on" a Vespa cutdown project, but swears by his 1964 GL 150, "Miss Jamaica," which has somehow run beautifully with very little engine work.


She has had her Primavera for a several years, but still has not ridden it anywhere. We work to change that evey year.

Jackie "mumbles"

Jackie joined the club in 2000 when she finally got her Vespa 90 working. She is currently working as a school teacher in NYC.


Daniell got her scooter from Michael who got it from Andy, who got it from a man down by the river. She likes her red 1963 Vespa '90 because it is very cute, and cute ass girls ride cute ass scooters.

Jay "Stick Boy"

He is the token mod/skin every good club needs. Jay rides a Lambretta GP 150.

Johnny "Aggro"

Part-time Boston Scoot mechanic and full time traditional skinhead, Aggro rides a '63 vespa with a Bajaj 150, painted in '55 Cadillac Red. His latest project is a red, white and blue small frame racer.

"No Neck" Noel

Noel started out thinking plastic was cool, but we since set him on the true path. He now owns a '02 PX200, a '63 150 Vespa, and parts that could someday be reassembled into a Lammy LI 200. No one can take a joke better then Noel. Noel is currently living in Brooklyn, servicing Hillary Clinton and other NY democrats.


Greyson is our club's official camera man. On the off chance he's not working on a porno, you can find him hustling around town on a '65 Super fitted with a P200 engine that he picked up from Lifto or his recently recovered '63 Vespa with a P200 engine.


She has been hanging out with us for a while and rides a Lammy J125 from Boston Scoot. Being a lammy lover, she has had a few problems with it but overall she adores the bike. She's now living in New Mexico.


A true blue American, with the heart of a lion. Gurr...

Herny is our favorte flavor figure. The man just has bad ass style. Although Henry doesn't hang out much anymore, we're always happy to see his blue Rally parked up outside the pubs.


Our bodacious Betty is known for finding her self on the side of the road pulling gravel out from underneath her skin. In her first year of riding, her scooter came across a few incidents involving SUVs, busses, and a green line train. Yet she still rides... She has since moved back to Philly where the living is easy. Lord only knows what bikes she is riding now-a-days.


Sid lives the life of leisure, forsaking work to scoot around the world from scooter rally to scooter rally. He currently owns an ugly '80 P200, a beautiful '85 T5, a monster '86 Sport with a 210cc P engine in it, a kitted-all-to-hell PK, a reliable GT250, and a few more that he pretends are his wife's. Fun fact: Sid once dropped his engine doing 60mph on a stretch of dark, wet interstate between Boston and Narrowsburg, NY. He took a few rolls then was back up and running after Noel's van. After that, we called him "Skid" for a while. His old club called him "Teflon."


If it's reggae music you're looking for, Travis is the guy to talk to. As an avid connoisseur of skinhead reggae and rocksteady, Travis has been known to DJ many a party with his "Allston Steady Rock Easy Sound System." A bartender and bouncer by night and scooter riding low-life by day, Travis rides a now banged-up 61' Vespa VNB with a Bajaj 150 engine, or a P200 he bought from Jon who bought it from Buzz. Rumour is he is currently working on a "Harder They Come" themed bike built from an ss180 frame with a 200+cc engine.


Ah ya take a kid and raise 'em as your own. Ciaran is Darren's son and has logged a greater percentage of his life on a scooter than anyone in the club. He has regularly attended rallies since Isle of Wright in 1989 (when he was one year old!) and is always sure to return to Boston for the annual rally. Now that he's of age, he's got a Runner 125 (pronounced "one two five") that he's covered in bling. Oh Ned why?!

Old Man Norm

Norm was a dedicated scooterist since the 1950s, so much respect goes to him. He has been hanging out at Boston Scoot for years, has been to parties and even rallies with us, but what truly made Norm a Strangler was when he showed up at the 2003 Vegas rally with a rented twist and go. He was initiated months later at our Rally and we are honored to have had a man that dedicated to scootering in the Stranglers. Norm has 2 1964 Vespa 90s, 12-14 rare mopeds and has previously owned a Topper and Wizzer. Fun fact about Norm: he worked for Converse, building plants for them through out the world. Suffice to say he has seen more Converse All-Stars than all of us combined!

Billy Hatecrime
Billy was like most Stranglers, he was a straight-talking son of a bitch that you didn't want to cross, but he was also funny as all hell, and willing to go out of his way to help anyone out. When Billy wanted a bike he went out and found himself a Bella, because shiffting with your hand is for sissies. Sadly, Billy passed away in July of 2005. We all miss that wise-ass.

Greek John

No one is really sure when John started riding with us, or if he's even Greek, but at some point he showed up on Betty's old P200. It wasn't until we saw him drop his bike in an attempt to ride up a 7ft snow bank, that we knew that he was right for the Stranglers. We're still not sure how he gets his drums to gigs on his PX150, but we know it gets him to and from the bars just fine.