The Boston Stranglers

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Woody has been running the club from the beginning and in the past has been the principal organizer of the rallies. It is not easy for Woody to be the driving force behind the club. He is willing to do what is best for the club and the scooter scene. Woody knows how to be a bit anal-retentive when it come to running things - but we still like him. There is a method to his madness and that is why the club has stayed together for all these years. Woody's current bikes are: a Vespa p200, a '68 Vespa ss 225 cutdown, a Lambretta chopper, a Lambretta 190 racer, and a restored '56 Vespa 150.

Our original token lowlife whose favorite saying is: "It's not easy being fat and greasy." He is one of the biggest personalities in the club and makes an unforgettable impression on everyone he meets. Tony has also been the other major organizer of our rallies and was the inspiration for our "Sleazy Rider 96" run. He has a Bajaj chopper, a '64 GL chopper.

Eric caught scooter fever when he first saw a NSU prima D at Boston Scoot. He spent the summer and fall of 2000 bringing the scoot back to life. Since then Eric has developed a fetish for all bikes German and has quite a collection of teutonic scoots including NSUs, Zundapps, and Maicos. Don't ask how many he has, because he refuses to count. Eric is most often tooling around on an incredibly reliable Zundapp Bella R154K.

Joe is currently on his 2nd '74 Rally 200 after his 1st was stolen in 2003. Contributions to the club include being partially responsible for the Wicked Pissah (A.K.A Pack Your Shit the Police are Here Rally), though he redeemed himself by finding the last rally site. He's known for sleeping in tents with kegs, constantly trying to trap Beau in his tent, and getting in fights with his brother in front of the State Police. 

Steve's stomping ground includes Plymouth and Cape Cod. He can be seen terrorizing tourists on his modded-out P-166. You may also remember he and his wife during the infamous wicked pissah rally a.k.a.(The neighbors are still pist and will be for a while, "Damn you Scooterboys!"). Current projects include a LD restoration and a GL street Racer.

Adam is another Brit who has found his way to Boston. When the weather is nice, and the wife says it's okay, you can find Adam scooting about the 'burbs on his 1965 pretty-in-pink TV equiped with a new GP200, monster carb, and noisy pipe. After hooking us up with the ride around the Esplanade in the 2004 rally, we returned the favour in 2005 by making him a member.

Fred got into scooters when he moved to Boston in 2002 and since then he's been to every rally any Strangler was going to, including making the 15-hour ass-busting ride to Montreal in '06. He rides a murdered-out '63 Lambretta or a red '65 GL that took a beating when we made him scooter joust for membership in '07. Good thing he was drunk or he might have been pissed when he saw his bike laying on its side in the gravel surrounded by broken bits of taillight.

It only makes sense for an Irishman to end up in Boston, and it only makes sense for a guy who has been into scooters, mod, and skinhead culture since the '79 revival to end up in The Boston Stranglers. Irish Paul didn't get his first scooter until he was 40, but now rides around on his red Stella painted with 2-tone murals. His PX 150 should be rolling any day now. Any day now...

Jessica got her 1980 P200 in 1999 as a Christmas gift from her parents -- she just didn't really ride it until she started dating Woody nearly a decade later. You can now find her at rallies commiserating with other vegans on the lack of non-leather riding gear, or on the streets of Boston popping wheelies at every stop light.

In 201? The Stranglers finally got around to inducting Jon into the club. While Jon's owned bikes since 2000, it wasn't until 2006 when moved to Cali that he actually had a running scoot. Luckily Jon and his white Prince Speghetti P are now back on the cape where they belong. If you want some wicked pinstriping on your bike, Jon's the man to talk to.


Eric is a man-about-town. Known in many circles, we are fortunate enough that he runs in ours. If you hear a really loud Lambretta Series 2, you will probably find Eric on it.


Jeremy's claim to fame came playing the role of Kojak in the popular 1970's television series of the same name... BUT DID YOU KNOW HE SCOOTS AS WELL!?!?!?! Jeremy can be found riding about  on his ugly p200e, and even uglier PK XL2, affectionately named "Anna Nicole" for her hard plastic body parts. He likes big carbs and cannot lie.


Shannon was invited during God Save the Trailer Queen in 2019. In the past few years she has quickly become a solid ride organizer, and knows how to turn a wrench. You will find her bombing around Medford on an orange smallie, a blue garBajaj or running over bikers on her rat rod painted TV175

active out of staters...


From our London office, Darren came over here to work at Boston Scoot. He has been a scooterist for many years and is a great addition to our club. Too bad when he first showed up he had a mullet. He has a GP225 a P225 and a T5. Currently Darren finds time to come visit us on holiday while working as a mechanic in the UK.

Nikki is a Califorian transplant who loves to ride hard. She rode the same P200 for 4 years until it was stolen in 2003. She has responded by buying every bike she's seen since then and keeping them so ugly no one would steal them. She's now living in Hawai'i on a farm.

Erin is one of the most hardcore ladies around. As a bike courier and a former roommate of Travis', she has seen every horror known. She unwinds on her titty-pink VBB, or with copious amounts of alcohol.

Horton is a jackass that rubs everyone the wrong way. After pissing off the whole of Rhode Island, he had no choice but to look for a club in another state. We took pity on him because he's a loud, hard-riding, tattooed kid who wrenches scooters. When not working on whatever the hell he does, he's riding around on Sharpie-customized bikes like his current P200.


Frank is a mysterious sort that may, or may not, be a hitman for the US Military – we don't ask, he doesn't tell. We do know that Frank finally got running a Rally 180, and a project Servetta Li150 allowing him to sell his sport bike and ride with us, and we couldn't be happier.