I've been writing since as long as I can remember. As children we played 'writing games' and were encouraged to read - I've enjoyed reading and writing ever since. My influences are many, but began with Alice in Wonderland, and moved on to the novels of D.H. Lawrence, George Eliot, Peter Carey, Julian Barnes, Alexander Solzehnitsyn, Joseph Heller and Kate Atkinson, plus many more.

A new collection of my short stories, 'Short Fiction for an Absurd World'  is now available on Amazon Kindle. It includes the Patricia Hackett Prize winning story, 'A Sensation of Falling'. To find it click here 

The Crushers is now available on Amazon/Kindle at:

Read reviews of The Crushers HERE 

To read an article about The Crushers, please go to attachments below.

Working cover for Life at Sea was forwarded to round two of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel of the Year Competition 2012 . 

Writing on Tory Island, Ireland (photo John Bennett)

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