Blue Mountains Photos by Bronwyn Rodden

Dawn at Govet's Leap Mount Solitary from Sublime Point

In my three Blue Mountains mysteries, The Crushers, Orphan Rock and The Weaver of Blackheath, I've been inspired by locations I have experienced in many years of visiting and for a time, living, in the Blue Mountains. The juxtaposition of World Heritage Wilderness and extraordinary human efforts, such as the many Art Deco buildings and beautiful gardens, creates a space to ponder our place in the world and marvel at both nature and the humans within it.  these are some of my favourite photos, from rugged, awe-inspiring wilderness to the elegance of The Everglades House and Gardens, an inspiration for several locations in my books. 

Autumnal view Signs of human existence - Govet's Leap

Photographers at Echo Point Dawn over the wilderness

The Everglades House - cafe The Everglades House - Dining Room with Chinoiserie 

Everglades House - bedroom Everglades House - ladies' bathroom

Everglades Garden - white azaelias Everglades Garden - coloured azaleas

Everglades House - spring blossom Leura -  Art Deco House