The Crushers is shortlisted for the Bookbzz Prize Writer Competition 2015.

* Fantastic review of Short Fiction for an Absurd World on the US Review of Books. Here's an extract:

'It can be difficult to lock down a specific group of readers who would enjoy this title simply for the way it transcends genres so easily, but the quality of the prose and the mastery of description make it a brilliant choice for lovers of creative fiction. Jumping from something not out of place on The Twilight Zone to bizarre character pieces that evoke the most creative cinematic works from directors like Lynch, Tarantino, and Luhrmann, readers who appreciate treading far from the beaten path will be delighted and surprised by each story collected in this volume. The mainstream reader may be left scratching his or her head trying to decipher the meaning behind each of these stories, but this is creative writing for the creative writer at its best: It's challenging, inspirational, and nearly impossible to predict.


* Many thanks to Ray Meyer at Ozprintshop for his great work in helping me to reproduce my Bellingen Mud Map launched at the Nexus Gallery Autumn show. This limited edition print is available for purchase via my email . Ray has an awesome knowledge of photography and professional printing with a new website you can find here.

* There is a great new website with interviews by Australian landscape painters talking about their relationship to the land which you can find here

* Creativity was the subject of my interview  with Finnish/Australian artists and art therapists, Marjut Silvennoinen and Iris Ztarr. They are creating a video about the creative processes of Mid North Coast artists. I'm looking forward to seeing this! To learn more about their work read about it here.

Currently working on:

I'm currently editing my novel Life at Sea, a rollicking journey through continents and times, set mostly in Mexico and 
inspired by the story I found there of two women pirates from 
the early 1700's. Tara Moss has also been intrigued by their
stories, and in a recent facebook comment said:

The woman pirate Anne Bonny, 1697 to 1720.
I do love Johnny Depp but could someone please make a movie of her exploits instead of another Pirates of the Caribbean sequel? Thank you

from Tara Moss Facebook Page 16 December 2013

To read more by Tara Moss, see here.

Solitary Islands Marine Park Oral Histories 

It's great to see that ABC online have now got a link to this project based around stories from the Solitary Islands region of the Mid North Coast NSW. I'm proud to have my linocuts included in the project. The link to see the site is HERE 

A series linking Australia and my Irish heritage: 

Donegal Landscape #2, Acrylic on Canvas 


Painting with natural materials:

    Hardenbergia for Tsai Yu Long