Bronwyn Rodden -Artist and Writer

Wonderful to be included in the exhibition, Door to Door, Berlin, courtesy of Art Aviso

Door to Door – 2022 Berlin

In March 2020 at the beginning of the Pandemic and the lockdowns, we invited Art Aviso Artists to be part of Art Aviso event Door to Door (Art in the time of COVID-19 or Art from isolation). This project began in Australia and then was shared across Europe

Art Aviso Artists were supplied via email with a page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge 1950’s Encyclopedia (Edited by Enid Blyton) selected at random (or so we told the artists), which was to form the basis of an artwork to be exhibited at some time on the other side of the Pandemic. The page could act as inspiration for the colours, forms, texture, feeling or as a research starting point to dive down the rabbit hole!

When this project began there was no end plan for the output of the artwork, in fact it was very difficult to plan anything, it just felt important to be creating something together – apart.

What happened was, that we were inundated with requests to join the project, and as it began to unfold and the works started coming in with their accompanying stories, it became apparent that collectively the artworks were forming something special.

To date there are over 200 Artists currently part of this project and exhibition event.

The first phase of this exhibition was a virtual exhibition, which was all that was initially possible, then the Australian artwork was exhibited in Melbourne in February 2021 – this exhibition was cut short by yet another snap lockdown.

Now we take the Australian Artworks to Berlin to join the European Art Aviso Artists in the realisation of the project that began over two years ago!

Very pleased to have won the 2021 Waverley Woollahra 9x5 Landscape Prize. here are the judges comments on my work:

2021 Winners Announced – Waverley Woollahra AS 9x5 Landscape Prize

First Prize: Bronwyn Rodden for The Forest at Dusk

Judges’ comments: The painting has a beautiful translucency and is inventive in its composition. A wonderful design and control of colour, giving great creation of depth on a small scale. Delivered with bold and deliberate translucent brush strokes, it has an immediacy which is difficult to achieve on a small scale.

New Novel

Coming soon: The Weaver of Blackheath, #3 in the Ros Gordon Blue Mountains Mysteries. Wyndow Books


Some lovely news, four of my poems have been selected for a new International Anthology of poetry: Contemporary Surrealist and Magical Realist Poetry, An International Anthology, being published by Lamar University Press, Beaumont, Texas, USA, Editor: Dr. Jonas Zdanys, Poet in Residence and Professor Emeritus of English, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, Connecticut.

His comments on my work:

"There was a truly remarkable response to the call for submissions for the new anthology of contemporary surrealist and magical realist poetry I have the privilege of editing. I received more than 1,000 poems from more than 200 poets from 26 countries. They include work from most of the world's principal practitioners of these two vigorous poetic forms, poets who push the boundaries of language and who explore the world imaginatively, engaging perspectives not circumscribed by the usual (stale) confessional voice that continues to occupy so much space in contemporary verse.

At this point, I plan to include your "in English air," "Addict," A singular plane, a moment," and "The Moon, That Glistering Tear". They are splendid poems and I'm so grateful that you have taken the time to send them along."


Post from 27 April: Today is my mother's birthday, although she passed away 40 years ago. She inspired my art but also my beliefs. When she discovered a book of Aboriginal stories, she made me take it to school and my teacher read some out to us. She also painted this work based on one of the stories. It would not be appropriate now, but in the 1960's, hers was a voice championing Aboriginal culture, and her work was hung in The Blake Art Competition.


Winner of the Patricia Hackett Prize for short fiction, Finalist in the General Fiction category, Eric Hoffer Award (USA) and shortlisted for the Carmel Bird Short Fiction award, Bronwyn Rodden has published several novels and collections of short fiction.

Orphan Rock, the second in my Blue Mountains mysteries, has recently been launched. The story of how I started this series is available here:

The Moon and the Sea

Recommended in the US Review of Books: "This genre-bending tale of pirates, treasure hunters, and adventure seekers spans generations and time periods, offering up a bounty of thrills along the way. "

Available on Amazon

Tales for Dark Nights

Recommended, US Review of Books:

'A Writers Writer'

'A genre-bending tale of pirates, treasure hunters, and adventure seekers spans generations and time periods, offering up a bounty of thrills along the way.' US Review of Books

Book 1 in the Ros Gordon Mysteries Series, selected for Hachette Manuscript Retreat 2012