British Military Small Arms Ammo is my site dedicated to the study of British military small arms ammunition from the advent of the self contained metallic cartridge in 1866 until the present day.

It is designed as a resource for researchers, historians and collectors. Here you will find details, drawings and photographs of a wide range of British military smallarms ammunition from .22 Long rifle up to but not including 20mm.

There is much information about British military small arms ammunition scattered about the Internet, but it is often incomplete and sometimes completely wrong. My intention is to provide all available data on one site and for it to be as accurate as possible.

Information has been garnered from many sources, Ordnance Board Proceedings, Small Arms Committee Minutes, Manuals, Lists of Changes, National Archive Files and other published works. Not least of the latter is the work of the late Peter Labbett and Freddy Mead. 

I was extremely fortunate to inherit Peter's files and Freddy's original drawings which have contributed greatly to this site.

Where the original specifications were in Imperial units of length and weight I have continued to use these. Thus a .303 inch cartridge is .303 inch and not a 7.7x56R. For later types where the specification is metric I have used metric.

Most of the ammunition illustrated is from my own collection, but some of the rarer items are in the collections of friends and colleagues who have generously allowed me to photograph them. They know who they are and I thank them sincerely.


It is now six months since I started this project and am pleasantly surprised how much I have managed to get done. I have worked from the introduction of the .577 inch Snider forwards with the initial aim of finishing all pre1945 ammunition before starting on the "modern" 7.62mm NATO, 5.56mm and .338 Lapua Magnum.

We are nearly there. All the major calibres have been completed but there are still a number of minor and limited issue rounds to cover, but I hope to get those done in the next week or so.

Then we can start of the post WW2 rounds.

Tony Edwards
1st July 2013