Grammatical terms

Noun Words denoting people or things, often preceded by a or the in English, but including names. For example, 기개 "a/the machine", 안나 "Anna".

Verb Words indicating actions (Processive Verbs) or states (Descriptive Verbs). For example, (Processive): 가다 "go", (Descriptive) 바쁘다 "busy".

Dictionary Form The form you need to look up verbs in most dictionaries, e.g. 가다, 바쁘다.

Particle, Postposition Small words following nouns and indicating grammatical relations such as Topic (는), Subject (가), also some concepts e.g. 에 “at” that are represented by prepositions in English e.g. in, to.

Adverb Word which describes a verb or sometimes a whole sentence. Examples: 한국말을  해요. You speak Korean well.

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