Welcome to the web site of our research group at the University of Canterbury (UC). We strive to develop innovative methods and utilise advanced computational and experimental technologies to revolutionise societal resilience to earthquake hazards.  In particular, our research focuses on various fundamental and applied aspects of earthquake engineering, from seismic hazard analysis and ground motion prediction to fragility analysis of structures, as well as over-arching subjects such as performance-based frameworks, structure-specific seismic loss assessment, and their role in decision making.

Brendon has been on the faculty at UC since 2010.  He obtained his BE(Hons) and PhD from UC in 2007 and 2009, respectively.  During 2009-2011, he held positions at GNS Science in Wellington and a post-doctoral fellow at Chuo University in Tokyo, and in 2016-2017 was a UPS Visiting Professor at Stanford University.  Further information about the current research group members can be found here.

Brendon has consulting experience in seismic hazard analysis, ground motion selection, structural and geotechnical seismic response analysis, and seismic risk/loss assessment.  His awards include: 2016 Prime Minister's MacDairmid Emerging Scientist Prize2016 ASCE Norman Medal, 2015 Shah Innovation Prize, 2015 TC203 Young Researcher Award, 2015 UC Teaching Award, 2014 New Zealand Young Engineer of the Year Award; 2014 Shamsher Prakash Foundation Research Award; 2013 Rutherford Discovery Fellowship; 2012 Ivan Skinner EQC award; 2008 NZSEE research prize.  He is also the deputy director of QuakeCoRE: NZ Centre for Earthquake Resilience, and a current member of the editorial boards of Earthquake Spectra and the Bulletin of the New Zealand Society of Earthquake Engineering.

Recent news:

14/2/2018: Brendon Bradley, Sung Bae, Daniel Lagrava, and Jason Motha attended the 2018 eResearch conference in Queenstown.

1/12/2017: Vahid Loghman joined the research group as a PhD student.  Other research group members can be seen here.

25/10/2017: Brendon Bradley presented a keynote lecture at the 2017 Australian Earthquake Engineering Society (AEES) Annual Conference in Canberra, Australia, a pdf is available in the presentation section.

25/10/2017: Robin Lee was awarded a Royal Society of New Zealand Rutherford Foundation Postdoc Fellowship - one of only five awarded across all disciplines!

25/09/2017: Jagdish Vyas joined the research team as a postdoc fellow.  Jagdish obtained his PhD from KAUST under the supervision of Martin Mai and will work on ground motion simulation including plasticity and multi-segment rupture.

10/09/2017: A large contingent of the research team attended the QuakeCoRE and SCEC Annual Meetings over the past few weeks.  Presented posters can be found here.

26/08/2017: Congratulations to group members, Robin Lee and Karim Tarbali, both of whom passed their PhD examinations in the last month.  Both Robin and Karim are continuing as post-doc fellows.

20/06/2017: Brendon Bradley and Chris de la Torre attended the 3rd International Conference on Performance-based Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering, with Brendon delivering an invited theme lecture.  You can see presentations here.

30/05/2017: Brendon Bradley delivered a seminar on the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake as part of the USGS Earthquake Science Center Seminar Series.  You can see a YouTube video of the presentation here.

25/05/2017: Brendon Bradley visited UCLA, Virgina Tech, and Cornell over the past few weeks and interacted with Jon Stewart, Scott Brandenberg, Adrian Rodriguez-Marek, Russell Green, and Tom O'Rourke, as well as giving seminars on the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake.

20/04/2017: Hoby Razafindrakoto and Brendon Bradley attended the SSA Annual Meeting. You can see the presented oral and poster presentations on the group publications page here.

21/03/2017: Brendon Bradley was awarded the Prime Minister's MacDairmid Emerging Scientist Prize.  (my personal) thanks to many great collaborators!  A summary of some remarks made during the ceremony are here.

16/02/2017: Ground motion simulations of possible great earthquakes on the Alpine Fault, that were used in the 'Project AF8' emergency preparedness exercise have been accepted for publication in NZJGG.  You can preview the paper in the Publications page, or watch an animation of the simulation here.

13/02/2017: A summary paper of our ground motion simulations performed in the immediate aftermath of the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake has been accepted for publication in earthquake spectra.  You can preview the paper in the Publications page, or watch an animation of the simulation here.

14/11/2016: The Mw7.8 Kaikoura Earthquake occured at 12:02am on 14 November 2016.  A significant amount of coordinated research reconnaissance has been undertaken by several NZ-led agencies (with excellent contributions from international collaborators).  Interested readers can find information from: GeoNet; QuakeCoRE; USGS.

02/10/2016: There is a vacancy for a software engineer in our group.  Please see the advert here (closes 24 October).

01/10/2016: Jack Baker (Stanford), Brendon Bradley (UC), and Peter Stafford (Imperial) are currently writing a book on seismic hazard and risk analysis.  If you are interested in the progress, including receiving updates, please follow this link.

31/09/2016: Brendon Bradley and co-authors Brett Maurer, Russell Green, and Misko Cubrinovski received the 2016 Norman Medal at the ASCE Convention in Portland, Oregon, for the paper "Maurer et al. Evaluation of the Liquefaction Potential Index for Assessing Liquefaction Hazard in Christchurch, New Zealand. JGGE. 140(7)".

11/09/2016: Six members of the research group attended the SCEC Annual Meeting in Palm Springs, California and presented six posters. You can see the presented posters on the group publications page here.

08/09/2016: Brendon Bradley commenced a sabbatical at Stanford University as the UPS Visiting Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.  Brendon will be based at Stanford until mid-2017 (with numerous trips to NZ)

31/08/2016: The research group presented 16 posters at the QuakeCoRE Annual Meeting in Taupo, as well as presentations at the workshop on ground motion simulation and validation held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting.  You can see the presented posters on the group publications page here.

23/08/2016: Brendon Bradley was on the science steering committee for the Mw8 Alpine Fault (AF8) MCDEM two-day workshop in Christchurch.  Comparisons of the effect of nucleation location on Alpine Fault ruptures from our work is illustrated here.

15/07/2016: Brendon Bradley, Didier Pettinga, and Jack Baker led a shakeholder workshop as part of an ongoing project on "Guidance on the utilization of ground motion simulations in engineering practice"

14/06/2016: OpenSees workshops were held in Christchurch and Auckland as part of QuakeCoRE's OpenSees capability development efforts.   More information, including monthly OpenSees videoconferences can be found here.

24/05/2016: Brendon Bradley delivered a presentation "What will an Alpine Fault earthquake feel like?" as part of the UC Connect Lecture series.

04/05/2016: Animations of our ground motion simulation work for the 2010-2011 Canterbury earthquakes using Blender has been developed in collaboration with Nick Young from eResearch at the University of Auckland.  You can see the animations here for the 4 September 2010 Mw7.1 Darfield and 22 February 2011 Mw6.2 Christchurch earthquakes on the group YouTube page.

04/05/2016: Kevin Foster joined the group as a PhD student working on site characterization and site response analysis.  You can find information about Kevin and other group members here.

15/04/2016: QuakeCoRE, and the University of Canterbury's new Structural Earthquake Laboratory was officially opened today by the minister of Tertiary Education, Steven Joyce.

13/04/2016: The research paper "Evaluation of the liquefaction potential index for assessing liquefaction hazard in Christchurch, New Zealand" by Brett Maurer, Russell Green, Misko Cubrinovski and Brendon Bradley was awarded the 2016 ASCE Normal Medal - the highest honour granted by ASCE for a technical paper.

04/04/2016: Congratulations to group member, Karim Tarbali, who was awarded the 2016 NZSEE Research Scholarship at the Annual NZSEE research conference.

03/04/2016: Several members of the research group attended the 2016 NZSEE Annual Conference in Christchurch, New Zealand. You can see the presented papers on the group publications here.

18/03/2016: Some of the latest animations of ground motion simulations of the 22 February 2011 "Christchurch" and 4 September 2010 "Darfield" earthquakes can be found on our group YouTube page.

15/02/2016: Brendon Bradley will receive the 2015 Shah Innovation Prize from the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute at the 2016 EERI Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

15/02/2016: Our research group performed a near-real-time ground motion simulation of the 14 Feb 2016 Mw5.8 Christchurch earthquake.  You can see the animation here

11/02/2016: Richard Clare and Brendon Bradley attended the eResearch New Zealand Conference in Queenstown, NZ

09/02/2016: Brendon Bradley joined the editorial board of the Bulletin of the New Zealand Society of Earthquake Engineering (BNZSEE) for two years (2016-2017)

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