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Now-17 March -- 10 AM-9 PM, Tue-Sun

A Thai-Austrian Experience

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, 3rd Fl, corner of Rama I and Phayathai

The Austrian Embassy, together with the co-organizing NGOs CARE Austria and Raks Thai Foundation (CARE Thailand), presents a photography exhibition by Alexander von Wiedenbeck. It shows life in Thailand off the beaten tracks and gives unique insights into CARE’s project work with ethnic and minority communities in rural Thailand. The work of CARE Thailand (through Raks Thai Foundation) focuses on empowering women and girls. CARE also supports access to education and Thai language tuition for children of migrants, as well as health promotion and income generating projects with ethnic minorities in the North of Thailand. Alexander von Wiedenbeck’s pictures showcase stories of belonging and isolation, migration, empowerment, adaptation to a changing climate and hope of Thai minorities and migrants from Myanmar.

For more information please call the BACC at 02-214-6630-8.


Now-26 March -- 9:30 AM-5:00 PM, Tue-Sun

Long Walk

Neilson Hays Library, 195 Surawong R

“LONG WALK” art exhibition by Luck features the marvelous sculptures visualising the theme through the concept of the classic game of “chess”. While most sculpting masterpieces are expected to display in large size, the sculpture showcases are resized to be mini king, queen, bishop, etc. Without referring to the original proportion, each chess piece would amaze the audiences with its brand new position. Each piece is assigned to the positions readily to be moved. At the center of rotunda hall, the floor is pinned with chess pieces. Who rules the game? You or the artist?

For more information please call 02-233-1731, email or visit or


Now-30 March -- 10 AM-9 PM, Tue-Sun

Din Clay Ton

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, 4th Fl, corner of Rama I and Phayathai

The Goethe Institute presents an exhibition promoting an intercultural exchange between Germany and Thailand with a selection of artistic works which highlight the traditional, cultural and handicraft techniques in the field of ceramics and porcelain production. Stefanie Hering is a trained porcelain master. She discovered a studio in Thailand that made it possible for her to realize her unique, oversized objects in giant ceramic ovens. Wasinburee Supanichvoraparch is a ceramic designer and artist who studied and graduated in Germany.

For more information please call 02-108 8231/2 or email


Now-31 March -- Daily

Chinatown: A photo exhibition by Yvan Cohen

River City Bangkok Photographer's Gallery, 2nd Fl

British photographer Yvan Cohen’s career as a photojournalist spans more than three decades, working mainly in Asia from his base in Bangkok. Yvan’s work has been published in a wide array of international publications including covers for Time magazine and The New York Times, for whom he worked regularly for many years. More recently, Yvan has been working as a videographer and Director of Photography for local and international television networks. He is also a co founder of the online photo service

For more information please call 02 237 0077, email or visit


Now-31 March -- 10 AM-10 PM


RCB Galleria 2nd Fl, River City Bangkok

Named after its definition of individualism, ATTA is an art exhibition to unveil individual identities of 4 reputable Thai artists; Prateep Kochabua, Sakwut Wisesmanee, Suradej Kaewthamai, and Anupong Chantorn. Prateep Kochabua is the first ranked Thai artist famed for surrealism or beyond reality by literal meaning. He encapsulates the concept “Praikamsuan” through the tips of brushstrokes in order to tell stories and express inner thoughts and feelings. Visitors can experience myriads of emotion. Sakwut Wisesmanee is a portrait artist. His paintings are one of the most desirable ones. They are created with excellent technique on canvas and his sculpture is unique among others. He rarely exhibits his original work anywhere. Suradej Kaewthamai is also a reputable portrait artist with his prominent use of oil paint, acrylic paint, and pastels on assorted materials to create beautiful artwork with delicate charm characterized by Art Nouveau subtle in his work. Anupong Chantorn is a young generation artist. He is not a newcomer but a talented artist at his young age. It’s truly an acceptable proclamation of thoughts and excellent abilities. His work is a thought provoking reflection of current society thanks to his satirical style of art.

For more information please call 02 237 0077, email or visit


8-12 (Mon-Fri) OR 16-20 (Tue-Sat) April

Mini Monet Songkran Holiday Art Camp (ages 4-6), 10:30 AM-1 PM -- 5900 Baht
Progressive Picasso Songkran Holiday Art Camp (age 7-13), 10 AM-3 PM -- 8900 Baht

Paron School of Art, 61 Sukhumvit Soi 26

We are already half full for some of our Songkran Holiday Art Camps so if you re thinking about enrolling your child, please do not delay!

Student artists are guided through dynamic project outlines and are challenged to respond to the exercises with bold, original outcomes. Students are supported in the refinement of their technical practice as well as being exposed to new, creative processes in the world of art.

Students finish a camp programme with a total of 6 or 7 finished projects and leave thinking of themselves as artists, designers, innovators and creators.

Our holiday programmes are curated to support the belief that if art education is delivered in the right way, students will develop creative confidence that will be transferable to other educational areas. Art truly is in everything.

Camp costs include all materials, tuition (1:5 staff/student ratio), snacks and lunch.  We also host a mini-exhibition at the end of the week so that friends and family can witness the hard work and creativity of our students.

For all camps, the theme will be 'THE GREATEST SHOW'. 

Projects will be based around the following themes: Costuming a Glam Rock Star, Shakespeare Shadow Puppets, Kandinsky’s Jazz, Lion King Stage Design, Art Deco Theatres, Frankenstein’s Monster and Carnival of the Animals. Students will be working with paints, pencils, pastels, charcoals as well as sculpting and collaging.

For more information or booking please email


Art Lessons


Attic Studios, 45/4 Sukhumvit Soi 31


Attic Studios is a supportive workshop-studio established by Scottish artist Elsie Evans that instills a strong community atmosphere.  Demonstrations and classes in life drawing, various painting styles, sculpture and children's and adults' workshops are conducted in English by qualified artist-instructors.  

For more information, a map or a schedule please call 02-662-0224 or 081-841-3703, email or visit


Paron School of Art

Sukhumvit Soi 26
Paron Mead, a qualified Art educator at Harrow International School, presents regular classes for young and adult artists.

First Saturday Art Programme
Art and Wine Adult Painting Class
Drop-in Art Class for 7-12 Year Old Artists
And more...

For more information or registration please call 089-795-8765, email or visit or

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