Cold Atom Physics 

Bose-Einstein condensates (spinors, vortices, etc.)

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Ultracold polar molecules

        Review Articles
    • 'Cold and Ultracold Molecules: Science, Technology, and Applications.' L.D. Carr, D. DeMille, R.V. Krems and J. Ye. NJP 11, 055029 (2009) or arXiv:0904.3175
    • 'Ultracold Molecules Under Control.' G. Quemener and P.S. Julienne. Chem. Rev. (2012)
    • 'Ultracold Molecules Formed by Photoassociation: Heteronuclear Dimers, Inelastic Collisions, and Interactions with Ultrashort Laser Pulses.' J. Ulmanis, J. Deiglmayr, M. Repp, R. Wester , M. Weidemüller.Chemical Reviews 112, 4890 (2012)
    • "Ultracold Molecules: Their Formation and Application to Quantum Computing," R Côté. Advances in Chemical Physics, Quantum Information and Computation for Chemistry. Sabre Kais, ed. Wiley, 2014. 


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