What is this?

This site is an ongoing project meant to provide supporting materials for math classes for students and parents at Berkeley High School.  

What is the goal?

In 2015, Berkeley High transitioned to a new math curriculum aligned with the common core math that was phased in starting with the 2015-2016 students.  There is no textbook for the classes; rather the written material available are a series of modules that provide problems and exercises for students.  

In 2017, the math department at Berkeley High School created a very informative website which you can access here. There is a lot of good material there including supplemental instructional videos for Math 1, 2, and 3.  The information on that site and here are complementary: for the math material, loosely speaking the material there is more detailed and extensive and the material on this site is more bigger picture.  

The goal of this site is to build a set of online resources for students and parents to supplement these materials to support the needed "outside of the classroom" learning for many if not all students.

This is an ambitious ongoing goal that will take a while to accomplish but the hope is that the site will be a valuable resource at every stage of its development.   

I'm a student or a parent of a student, how should I use this site?

Click on the link to the left corresponding to your math class and begin exploring what is available.  You might also want to click on the link labelled "This isn't what I'm used to" that talks about the different style of teaching that is being used.

Who is putting this material together?

For the moment, it is one parent who is a research mathematician and several others who have joined the cause. The hope is that others (parents,students) will join the effort.

I think I want to help.  What should I do?

Click on the Contact Us link to the left and send a note.  Even if you aren't "math savvy" there are plenty of things that could use a hand.

Recent Announcements

  • Notes and worked examples up for all of Math 1,2,3
    In addition to the reviews, we now have handwritten detailed worked examples and notes all of the modules for Math 1-3.  They appear below the reviews on the appropriate class page.
    Posted Jan 8, 2019, 3:57 PM by Zeph Landau
  • Math Party-- Sunday Free Math Tutoring is back!
    Sunday Math Party tutoring is happening again this fall!  Click on the Free tutoring link on the navigation bar on the left to see details.
    Posted Sep 16, 2018, 11:21 PM by Zeph Landau
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