Polyester American Flags

Printed polyester American flags are an economical option. They are more budget-friendly than nylon flags however, they can also withstand the elements of outside wear and tear. They look fabulous indoors too. These are excellent choices for outside use since they are made from a heavier fabric. They do require more effort to take down and put up though and rely on higher wind speeds to "fly." If you're in the market for a new flag and have a choice, buy a polyester flag, especially if it's to be flown outdoors. Polyester flags usually cost a few dollars more than nylon, but they'll last so much longer that they'll pay for themselves in the long run.

American polyester flags are among the most durable on the market, and come in sewn spun polyester or printed polyester. They last longer than nylon flags, are designed for outdoor use, and resist fading and fraying. They require higher wind speed to "fly" than nylon flags, and require more effort to put up and take down. Old Glory has stood the test of time and when it comes to American polyester outdoor flags, Star Spangled Flags has an amazing selection. Regardless of the material of the flag, there are several things you can do to keep it in the best condition possible.

Can You Iron Polyester American Flags?

Yes you can, but be careful though because polyester might burn when the iron is too hot. A pro tip is to cover the polyester flag with a pressing cloth and iron it. Don't let the iron come in direct contact with the flag. You can also spray the item with a light mist of water before you begin ironing. When ironing polyester, make sure the fabric is slightly damp, or wet it with a spray bottle prior to ironing. Set the temperature to low or medium heat. Start ironing at the top and work your way down the garment, pressing firmly on the creases and re-wetting them if necessary.

You can also use a clothing steamer if you're unsure about ironing your polyester American flag. You can hang the flag flat and apply gentle steam to the wrinkles until they relax.

Can You Wash Polyester Flags?

Inevitably a flag with become dirty or weathered from continued usage. A flag displayed outdoors is exposed to airborne dirt, which can make it start to look dingy and shorten its life. If your flag is made of polyester or nylon, you can easily wash it yourself. Try to follow the steps below to learn how to successfully wash a polyester American flag.

You can also use the washing machine on gentle cycle if you don't have the time to hand wash your polyester flag. Your other option is to wash it and then hang dry it, if you have more time. The washing process should pull the wrinkles out and by hang drying it flat there should be no more wrinkles. The only issue here is: is the American polyester flag color safe? You don't need to wash with soap but colors may still run if it isn't color safe - if you're working with a printed polyester flag.

Wind, in particular, causes a lot of damage to flags. Ripping occurs frequently. Keep an eye on the end of the flag. That's where the rips happen most often. If wear appears, the worn part should be cut off and the flag re-hemmed.

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What you need to clean a polyester flag:

  • Laundry detergent
  • Cold water
  • Sink or basin
  • Dry towel

First you need to choose your detergent. Polyester is a nice fabric since it doesn't fade or shrink much when washing. Although the weather can take it's toll on the colors or condition of the polyester, the goal is to keep the flag in the best condition possible. Any laundry detergent free of bleach will do the job. Keep your flag away from petroleum and chemical products.

Fill a sink or basin with cold water. Cold water will ensure the brightest possible colors. Add enough detergent for a small load of laundry to the cold water and submerse your polyester flag into it. Be careful not to squeeze or twist the flag. This could cause it to tear, especially if you've had it for a while.

Let your polyester flag soak. That's right, let the fabric absorb the soap and water. Soaking the flag will help to release the natural elements embedded in the polyester. Do this for about twenty minutes or so.

Wash the flag. Using your hands, gently lift the polyester flag in and out of the water for a few minutes. This method of gentle agitation is the safest way of washing your priceless symbol. You can delicately swish the flag around in the sink, but do not squeeze or twist.

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Rinse the flag. Drain the water and soap from the sink or basin. Turn on the cold water and run it over the polyester flag until all soap suds are gone and the water runs clear. With your hands, push the flag flat to the bottom of the sink to help remove soap and water in the meantime.

Dry your flag. Take a dry towel and lay it out flat. Lay your polyester flag on top of the towel. Roll the towel up with the flag on the inside. Without twisting, squeeze the towel with your hands to get most of the moisture out of the polyester.

Hang the damp flag on a clothesline to air-dry. If you're going to store the flag, make sure it is completely dry before you fold it up. Damp flags can become mildewed, and folding a damp flag can leave permanent creases.

Never fold or store a flag when it is wet. Let it hang dry completely before you put it away.

Are Polyester American Flags Good?

Polyester flags are a lot more durable and offer strength for every day flag flying. It is heavier, yes, which makes it a better material for adverse weather conditions and if you live in places with strong winds and harsh weather. Now you can leave your flag outside without worrying about it since it is a long-lasting material and copes well with strong winds. Plus, it has a great water wicking ability to cope with the rain. If you live by the sea or in another place with high winds and wet weather, polyester flags are a better choice.

Star Spangled Flags features polyester American flags that are proudly Made in the USA. The polyester American flag material is a 2-ply, spun woven polyester material. The polyester flags are the best fabric to resist high wind environments. The open weave of the heavy-duty polyester flag fabric will help reduce the fabric stress. Our polyester flags are the longest lasting material we offer. It is a popular choice especially for large flags that fly all year round. The polyester American flag has the authentic look of a traditional cotton or canvas flag, but provides modern day durability. The colors are deep and rich and the fabric is fade resistant.

Made of heavier material and will outlast nylon flags before fraying on the fly end, our polyester flags are the longest lasting flag fabric available and is preferred for display in strong wind and unpredictable weather conditions. Though not as fade resistant as nylon, polyester fabric for our American flags is preferred for 24-hour display and large-size flag display.

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