Rachid Benmokhtar, SW Team Leader/ Engineer

34 rue Saint André

93000 Bobigny


Professional email : rachid.benmokhtar@valeo.com

Personal email: rachid.benmokhtar@gmail.com

Short Bio

I have received the engineering degree in 2004 from USTHB University of Algiers-Algeria, and the Master diploma in June 2005 from University of technology of Compiègne, France. In October 2005, I joined the Multimedia Communications department at Eurecom to study toward the Ph.D. degree under the supervision of Benoit Huet. I defended my PhD thesis in June 2009, with a Very Honorable mention.

I present more then 10 years of experience in the image processing, computer vision machine learning fileds :
  • Four years (2009-2013) where I worked as an expert research engineer at INRIA under the Quaero project.
  • Between 2014-2015, I joined ARCURE project of the CEA LIST of Saclay as computer vision researcher/ engineer
  • During 3 months (from February to April 2015), I worked for AriadNEXT startup.
  • Since September 2015,  I am "Project Team Leader" in the Driving Assistance Research (DAR) group of VALEO.


Research activities

My AD research interests include:
  • Mulisensor 360° obstacle fusion 
  • Multisensor ego and adjacent lanes fusion + road geometry estimation for lateral control 
  • Virtual Lanes
  • Surround view cameras-based obstacle and line marking detection
  • Safety concept oriented Object fusion and Lane fusion
  • Tracking

Surround View cameras-based line marking detection - Ego and Adjacent Lanes

Lane reconstruction based on Line marking, HDmap and virtual lanes