Why the Grand Prix has to leave Belle Isle

"Belle Isle Grand Prix? - NO!"

  • The Grand Prix is not a demographic minority sport.
    The administration of any other major city with such a large minority population would think twice about placing what is essentially an all-white sport in their primary public park.  
  • It pollutes 
    ...In so many ways. 
    Combustion engines issue known complex pollutants in the direct vicinity of flora and fauna.
    The noise level is anathema to all living creatures and has no place in a park that is designated at a place for nature and contemplation.

    Tarmac, concrete and spectator stands instead of soil. These industrial intrusions eat up natural spaces for fauna and flora.

  •  The park is not a billionaire's toy
    Billionaire Roger Penske likes racing cars. 
    That's fine, and we want him to enjoy his sport, but not on Belle Isle. The park is for the public, it shouldn’t be a venue for a paying spectator audience.

  • The Belle Isle charter did not make the park for the purpose of commercial engagement

  • It is tacky
    The prominent American urban park designer Frederick Law Olmsted, who designed Belle Isle, also designed New York's Central Park
    Can anyone possibly imagine the citizens of New York allowing Penske to run his Grand Prix in Central Park? 
    Of course not.
    Then why should we?