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"As strategic planning moves forward for Belle Isle, Detroit Audubon recommends that habitat protection and nature-friendly family activities should be priorities. We do not support the programming of events like the Grand Prix or Red Bull car races. These events and the infrastructure they require are in conflict with nature, are disruptive to birds, and they do not belong on Belle Isle." --Detroit Audubon 

“To occupy this beloved park [Belle Isle] for 68 spring and summer days, when street races around the world set up and tear down in weeks, is disrespectful to the Detroiters and Michiganders whose tax dollars built and maintain this gem of a park. And the State Department of Natural Resources, which manages the park under a lease deal with the City of Detroit, shouldn’t let it happen.”           ---Detroit Free Press, October 13, 2017

    A HUGE THANKS TO ALL who joined together today in support of Belle Isle Park as a park, not a racetrack!

You took time from your busy lives on a holiday weekend to stand up for our priceless park. That is important and greatly appreciated.

Your messages were strong, heartfelt, and unanimous in their support of Belle Isle being essential for our community's quality of life. It is a much-needed place to refresh our spirits, spend time with friends and family, and improve our physical and mental health. And a park without a racetrack benefits the local economy.

We must keep the momentum going and our group growing. The race is next week and after that the Grand Prix has said they will present a contract proposal to the DNR.

Keep updated yourself and encourage your friends to do the same by talking with each other and visiting www.belleisleconcern.com or the Facebook group Belle Isle: Park or Racetrack?

The DNR has promised a public hearing and review process for any new contract, expected soon. Make your voice heard: Contact: Keith Creagh, Director, DNR at 517.284.6367, email DNR-Director@michigan.gov and Ron Olson, Parks & Recreation Chief at 517.284.7275, email olsonr@michigan.gov re your opposition and the message "No New Grand Prix Contract." Residents of the City of Detroit, contact your City Council members. The city still owns the park. It is the landlord leasing the park to the DNR.                                                                                                    


What's wrong with holding the Grand Prix on Belle Isle Park?

Belle Isle is a public park and should provide free and unrestricted access to people every day of the year.

The Grand Prix confiscates the most popular, accessible part of the island for most of the spring. Concrete barriers block the river view, huge corporate ads line the roads, massive party tents block roads.

Belle Isle is a stopover for migratory birds and habitat for lots of flora and fauna, but the DNR has refused to do an environmental impact study of the race.   

Access to the Scott Fountain is blocked, picnic areas cordoned off--so weddings and family reunions can't be held.

The Grand Prix violates the mission and stewardship criteria of the DNR (and Belle Isle Conservancy).

An overwhelming majority of park users have told the DNR in surveys and public meetings that the #1 priority for the island is removing the Grand Prix.

Auto racing is an environmentally insensitive activity which is totally inappropriate for a public park.

Auto racing is inappropriate for a venue so close to densely populated areas because of the disturbance it creates and the disruption it causes to local residents and businesses.

In a world increasingly conscious of the environment, the holding of an auto race in an important public park will be seen internationally not as increasing Detroit's prestige but as appalling. 

We Believe Belle Isle is a public park
NOT a private racetrack!

Belle Isle Park is a natural treasure in the City of Detroit. On Earth Day Belle Isle should be an obvious choice to visit and celebrate nature. But on Earth Day 2018 the island was invaded by heavy equipment and tons of concrete in preparation for the Grand Prix car race. This will continue for weeks. #earthdayfilms

Report shows Grand Prix will have one-third of the economic benefit Penske claims

The Grand Prix does not have a $58 million economic benefit to the Detroit area—not even according to a sports industry study that the Prix itself commissioned. The Metro Times obtained a copy of the report by Sportsimpact and found that it says the real local income is $20 million—and that’s only if you somehow count the $6 million in ticket sales as “local income.” Not only that, but the study doesn’t factor in money that would have been spent by people who don’t go into Detroit on race weekend because they’re “crowded out.” A sports economics expert says the Grand Prix PR is deceptive—“clearly wrong.” Read the April 30, 2018 MetroTimes article for details. 

This organization's present primary concern is to have the Grand Prix on Belle Isle moved out of this foremost public park.

The Grand Prix is a billionaire-owned, noise-polluting, anti-nature, tarmac-and-concrete, profit-making concern. Detroit’s foremost public park is not the appropriate venue for it. Don't let private interests dominate the community and public good.  Join the fight to ensure Belle Isle is a public park and not a private racetrack! 

..."Belle Isle Beat-Up" - Enjoy a little dark humor

Important upcoming event to protest voice your concerns about the Grand Prix on Belle Isle Park :

The Belle Isle Park Advisory Committee (BIPAC) meeting is set for Thursday, June 21, 2018, from 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. at the Belle Isle Nature Zoo on Belle Isle.

Please attend to listen and speak if you have interest and concerns re the future of Belle Isle. Public comment is part of the agenda.

It is important to have many voices comment on the adverse effect of public Belle Isle Park being used and dominated for use as a private racetrack.

Make your very own "No Grand Prix on Belle Isle" badge. Right-click, "Save Image" and download: