September 20 and 21, 2017; Updated: October 5, 2017

Because of our deep concern for the environment and integrity of Belle Isle as a public park, we the undersigned, believe the Michigan Department of Natural Resources should commission an independent third-party environmental impact study of the effects of the Detroit Grand Prix on the island habitat. 

Since the public has a high stake in good stewardship and protection of the park environment, such a study must be done and its findings assessed before any new contract is awarded the Roger Penske organization and the Grand Prix.

Michigan Chapter, Sierra Club


Southeast Michigan Chapter, Sierra Club


Michigan Audubon


Detroit Audubon


Freshwater Future


Great Lakes Bioneers of Detroit


Michigan Historic Preservation Network


Tom Henderson, Detroit River Canadian Cleanup (Windsor)


Belle Isle Concern


Stephanie Chang, State Representative


Professor Tiya Miles, University of Michigan


Terry Blackhawk, founder, Inside Out Literary Arts Project


Mac Farr, Community Leader

Alice Marczewski, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Timothy Schacht, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine


Diane Bukowski and Voice of Detroit


Harriet Saperstein, Urban Consultant, Detroit


Rev. Bill Wylie-Kellerman, Detroiters Against Emergency Management


LuAnn Kozma, Michigan Environmental Activist


Rebecca Minardi, Doctoral Student, Dept. Community Sustainability, MI State University


Rashida Tlaib, Former State Representative and Community Organizer


Joann Castle, Community Activist, Writer  


Helen Gentry and hundreds of other longtime park users who have commented on our online petition and Facebook page


Submitted by Sandra A. Novacek for Belle Isle Concern - Detroit, Michigan