The Abscraps
So much promise, so little time!

Looking for (musical) adventure?  Yer darn right we are!


Peter Nester and Brian Ruskin have been "feeling the synergy" since 2003 or so, while graduate students at Cornell.  After plenty of coffee break discussions and a few epic adventures, it was time to get to business. With Pete's accomplished songwriting/guitar skills and Brian's penchant for electronic production, The Abscraps represent a true Fusion of styles, influences, methods and output.  Does it mix?  You be the judge!  All we know is, it's a cool adventure, a nice diversion, a tribute to Billy.


At long last, the debut EP of musical collaborations by Peter Nester and Brian Ruskin.
Six songs of angular, melodic guitar lines meshed with electro production. From the heavily layered atmospheres of the opener "Be Home By Dark", to the emotive folk of Peter Nester's live favorite "Bender" to more experimental, minimal jams, Abstract sounds plus scraps of various genres equals the Abscraps debut EP on Believe in Billy Records.
What's that?  More Abscraps, you want?  Ooh, you're a tough cookie!
Peter Nester is one heck of a guitarist and songwriter - he brings order to the chaos that is Brian Ruskin's production techniques.
You've heard Pete's guitar playing, all messed up, on Mental Health Consumer's "Far Above the World Tonight" EP.
Now hear it in a cleaner, clearer form - still with the Abscraps' sensibilities, but also a purity of performance: