Here it is, the complete, current Believe In Billy Records catalog. 
Most of these releases are free for download.  Several have been released in partnership with other Netlabels. 
Artist                                               Album                                Label/cat #
AViD| Advances In Obsolete Technology.            Extremophile                       (Believe in Billy Records; BIB-CD03)
AViD| Advances In Obsolete Technology.            Chiaroscuro                         (Believe In Billy Records; BIB-CD04)
AViD} Advances In Obsolete Technology.           Everyone's Looking, Nobody's Buying (Believe in Billy Records; BIB-CD06)
Mental Health Consumer.                                Help Us Help You.                            (Believe In Billy Records; BIB-CD13
Mental Health Consumer.                    Selections EP                    (Believe In Billy Records; BIB-EP01)
AViD| Advances In Obsolete Technology        Promises              (Believe In Billy Records; BIB-CD11)
AViD| Advances In Obsolete Technology        Regrets                  (Believe In Billy Records; BIB-CD12)
AViD| Advances In Obsolete Technology.        These Are Your Options.        (Bump Foot; Foot 105) 
AViD| Advances In Obsolete Technology.        Who's In On The Delusion.    (Believe In Billy Records.  BIB-EP04)
The Abscraps.                                                    The Abscraps EP                  (Believe in Billy Records; BIB-EP05)
Skinny Knockdown.                                            Masti Huba                              (Believe in Billy Records; BIB-EP04)
Mental Health Consumer.                       Drawing While Falling EP                    (Believe In Billy Records; BIB-EP02
Mental Health Consumer.                            Ambia                                            (Clinical Archives; CA247
Mental Health Consumer.                        Interpreting the Hidden                      (Secret Station; SS-10)
Mental Health Consumer.           Backyard Mysteries                                   (Test Tube;  Tube200)
Mental Health Consumer.           Far Above the World Tonight                   (Secret Station;  SS-24)
Down Team Up.                            Down Team Up EP                                     (Believe in Billy Records; BIB-EP06)
Down Team Up.                                Give And Take.                                       (Believe In Billy Records; BIB-CD17)
Advances In Obsolete Technology.   Scary Tale EP                                          (Believe in Billy Records; BIB-EP07)
Advances In Obsolete Technology.        If I Keep Up This Way                      (Believe In Billy Records; BIB-CD19)
Down Team Up.                                    Most of This is True.                       (Believe in Billy Records; BIB-CD20)
Down Team Up.                                    Live and Learn.                               (Believe In Billy Records; BIB-CD21)
Mental Health Consumer                      Ithaca                                                (Secret Station; SS-38)
Mental Health Consumer                      WYO                                                    (test tube,  tube248)
Mental Health Consumer                      Same Places, Different Times                (Archaic Horizon, ah42)
Gears in the Rain                                    Right on the Edge                                        (Secret Station; SS-44)


Down Team Up                                Right Before the Memory                           (Believe In Billy Records; BIB-EP08)


Down Team Up:                                  January EP                                               (Believe in Billy Records; BIB-EP09)
Down Team Up:                                  Awake & Aware                                        (Believe in Billy Records; BIB-CD22)     
Down Team Up:                                Five Years Down 2010-2015                    (Believe in Billy Records; BIB-CD23)       
Mental Health Consumer:                Secret Treetop Studio                                (Believe in Billy Records; BIB-CD24)   
Jiri Blazek & Brian Ruskin             Steps Before the Final Installment               (Believe in Billy Records)   


Mental health Consumer:                Early Spring Midnight Walks With Us            (Archaic Horizon, ah56)


Advances in Obsolete Technology:        Avid Renewal                                    (Believe in Billy Records, BIB-EP10)
Gears in the Rain:                                Entrainment                                       (Believe in Billy Records, BIB-CD25)


Jiri Blazek & Brian Ruskin                Remember to Let Go                            (Believe in Billy Records, BIB-CD26)
Jiri Blazek & Brian Ruskin                Walk in the Park                                    (Believe in Billy Records, BIB-CD27)