• experimental | ambient | soundscape | electro.

Mental Health Consumer productions began in 2006.  Brian Ruskin had been creating electronic sounds as AViD|Advances in Obsolete Technology for a number of years, concentrating on producing one LP every 6 months as an audio signpost of that half-year.  Come 2006, Brian had a Doctorate to write, and not a lot of time for much else.  Still, the computer beckoned at 3 AM, so what's a boy to do but make tunes?

Mental Health Consumer began as a conscious effort to produce in a more fluid way. Over the years, the time expenditure has again increased, but with a few new tricks - greater dependence on live improvisation, found sounds/field recordings, and involving aspects of a lot of genres.

Just as prolific a series as AViD ever was/is,  Mental Health Consumer is like therapy set to music - help me help you work through your problems, recover, defend, evaluate the value of new information in a way that's fit for purpose and free.

Mental Healh Consumer Discography (click the links for download/order info)



  • Selections (2008, EP Believe In Billy Records EP01)
  • Fit For Purpose (2008 LP, unreleased CD-R)
  • Backtrack (2007 LP, unreleased CD-R)
  • Recovery (2007, LP)
  • v.o.i. (2007 LP, unreleased CD-R)
  • Post-Defense (2006, LP)
  • Help Us Help You (2006, LP)  (BIB-CD013)


  • Backyard Mysteries - early 2010 on test tube netlabel; ambient EDM
  • WYO - 2012 test tube; concept/ambient/field recordings
  • Same Places, Different Times (2012, archaic horizon)
  • Secret Treetop Studio (2013, Belive in Billy)