About Believe in Billy Records...
Why bother?  Well, for starters, it's free...

Believe in Billy Records (BIBR) was founded in 2008 by Brian Ruskin and Peter Nester in Houston, Texas as an outlet for their collaborative rock/electronic fusion output as The Abscraps, as well as an archive of their prolific solo content (Pete's guitar-driven The Peter Nester Experience, Brian's electronic dance/experimental productions as AViD: Advances in Obsolete Technology and Mental Health Consumer).


We genuinely enjoy creating, discussing, collecting and sharing music, and bring this borderline-unhealthy obsession here to BIBR, to freely share with you and likeminded individuals under the Creative Commons license.  That is, our work is copyrighted and licensed, but you may freely download and share the tunes, so long as you do not change them or use them commercially. 


BIBR will hopefully provide a home for likeminded musicians to share their works, and function as a springboard for you to discover additional creative commons music on the internet.  These works are made with a great deal of effort and in the interest of sharing those creations on a not-for-profit basis.  Unlock the potential treasures of independent music!


Just who is Billy?  Or better, who was he, and why did he inspire a record label?


Billy was a hardworking field geologist/graduate student, who, while attempting to finish his dissertation in Upstate NY, suffered an almost-unbelievable string of bad luck and sad circumstances, including, and not limited to:

Mercury poisoning, attack by fireants, partial burial under a stack of moldy Chilean geological journals, having his foot run over, and ultimately, a slip and fall off a bridge while proposing to his lady.

His back story is still shrouded in mystery - personal articles have been found in Houston apartment complexes, the neigborhoods of Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Calgary, Copenhagen. Legends circulated among his fellow grad students and those who overheard passed along these tales.  In the end, Billy was a shared commodity of a select group, kind of like this music, come to think of it. Though he might not have been known directly by all, everyone had a little bit of Billy in their lives. Everyone was becoming Billy.


Or, perhaps he was pure fiction.  What do you believe?