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Down Team Up

Down Team Up:
  Jet Carlo - beats, guitar, keyboard,
            recording devices, fake ID's
  Billy Andes - programming, harmonica,
            happy accidents, mystique and legend
  with B. Ruskin - percussion, production, design
  All music (cc) 2010-2015 Down Team Up and Believe In Billy Records.  Enjoy the music, share freely, credit the artists.

  Down Team Up - the debut EP (2010 - Believe in Billy Records. BIB-EP06): This very eclectic release contains seven distinct tracks, their styles hard to categorize but owing to lo-fi and shoegaze electronic. Somehow, the Down Team Up mix these tracks into a 24 minute slab of inspiring and driving sounds.
 Down Team Up - Give and Take  - the first LP (2010, Believe In Billy Records. BIB- CD17): We give. You take. That's how it works in netlabel-land. Down Team Up are back with a summer record, that we think is well worth the taking. 

"Give and Take" opens and closes with breezy, atmospheric keys and nostalgic soundscapes, but is overstuffed with energetic sounds over the course of 12 tracks spanning 52 minutes. As with their debut EP, the tunes on "Give and Take" each have a distinctive personality and share traits with many styles of electronic music, but are seamlessly mixed together. Take the time to listen to the entire record as a whole and you'll be treated to a soundtrack for moments both magical and ominous, as well as a few self-depracating sonic winks
 Down Team Up: "Most of This is True"  - studio LP 2011  BIB-CD20: This album showcases 8 tracks of accessible, but slightly unsettling electronic music. Layers of instruments, some recognizeable, others heavily disguised, weave in and out over fractured beats. Elements of lo-fi emotive rock, found sounds, IDM and aggro/acid crop up, impact, then retreat in deference to what comes next. "Most of This is True" is the first half of a double release in May 2011 along with "Live and Learn", a live recording
 Down Team Up:  "Live and Learn"  live CD 2011   BIB-CD21: "Live and Learn" is a collection of 5 new Down Team Up tracks mixed and performed live. With the help of an enthusiastic audience, the Down Team Up crew power through an improvised set of highly danceable laptop electronic music. In the tradition of Daft Punk's "Alive 1997" and legendary founders of Detroit techno and electro, sounds and beats are heavily tweaked and oscillated, control knobs twisted, the energy occasionally ebbing but mostly always flowing throughout the long set. 
"Live and Learn" is the second half of a double release from Down Team Up, along with studio record "Most of This is True", both released May 2011

 Down Team Up: Right Before the Memory (2013) BIB-EP08: 
7 tracks in 28 short minutes take the listener on a journey through
a day, from first light to evening wind-down.  It celebrates being fully present in the moment, appreciating life's moments, both commonplace and momentous.  The hallmarks of the Down Team Up sound are here: ambient electronics that ebb and flow from contemplative drones to IDM harmonies, with lush sound textures, vintage synths, modern beats, acoustic guitars and field
recordings building up and scoring the recollected moments.

Down Team Up: January EP (2015): Produced at the very end of the year, and start of the next, "January" is a record about recollection and pondering new beginnings. It also functions as "sound therapy", with very specific treated sounds to bring about a state of calm.

Down Team Up: Awake & Aware (2015): This is an uplifting, melodic and continuously-mixed "summer album", merging ambient electronics with natural field recordings to capture the warmth and wonder of long days and strong nights

Down Team Up: Five Years Down 2010-2015: All good things must come to an end, and so it goes for Down Team Up. Compilation of 15 Down Team Up songs, spanning six albums and five years, circa 2010-2015. All tracks have been remastered and continuously mixed. Also includes the previously unreleased track "We're Done Here", and a retrospective booklet with album download.