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Down Team Up

Down Team Up:
  Jet Carlo - beats, guitar, keyboard,
            recording devices, fake ID's
  Billy Andes - programming, harmonica,
            happy accidents, mystique and legend
with B. Ruskin - percussion, production, design
Breathing by KT the cat.
  All music (cc) 2010-2015 Down Team Up and Believe In Billy Records.  Enjoy the music, share freely, credit the artists.
"I felt like I was watching two teams in the one - the Up team and the Down team.  Different working styles, sure, and each have their merits.  But I felt it would be a Superteam if we could just pull the Down Team Up".
Down Team Up - the debut EP (2010 - Believe in Billy Records. BIB-EP06)

 Down Team Up - Give and Take  - the first LP (2010, Believe In Billy Records. BIB- CD17)
 Down Team Up: "Most of This is True"  - studio LP 2011  BIB-CD20
 Down Team Up:  "Live and Learn"  live CD 2011   BIB-CD21
 Down Team Up: Right Before the Memory (2013) BIB-EP08
Down Team Up: January EP (2015)
Down Team Up: Awake & Aware (2015)