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 28. may 2009
beer can chicken II

Tandoori chicken on a beer can:

 25. may 2009
beer paradise in nashville

Seems it is a good place:

 22. may 2009
oktoberfest 1/009

AP reports about the beer prices for Oktoberfest 2009 compared to 2008.

 21. may 2009
beer can chicken I

Another one recipe for chicken on a beer can: | Food.

 9. may 2009
us beer city

The results of the vote over at Examiner. Video at

 25. april 2009
pacifico: mobile and blog

Eyecandy and tech stuff by "Pacifico Beer": PR Newswire.

 19. april 2009
tsingtao museum

Check the "The Tipsy Room in the Tsingtao Beer Museum" at Toronto Star.

 17. april 2009
more beer wars

Beer bloggers talk about the beer-movie - check it at a good Beer Blog and The Brew Lounge.

 14. april 2009
germany: beer, food and festivals

A guide to some upcoming beer-events in Germany: Post-Tribune.

 14. april 2009
beer on hawaii

There is beer on Hawaii and it is good for the island. A movie over at KGMB9 with details.

 14. april 2009
beer pong mobile

Coming soon for 'ipod Touch' and 'iPhone': BPONG 2009.

 14. april 2009
top 50

The 'Brewers Association' named the TOP 50 of the us-breweries: (via Slashfood).

 5. april 2009
a pilsner beer pilgrimage

Fact about Pilsner Beer from czech republic:

Update (12. April 2009): MSNBC.

 2. april 2009
beer wars live

In the theaters soon: a journey in the world of american breweries - more details and a trailer over at OregonLive and Miami New Times.

Update (18. April 2009): U.S. News and Baltimore Sun

 2. april 2009
more bud for the us

Budvar boosted the export to the USA: Forbes.

 31. march 2009
green tea beer

Details about the oranic beer by a tea company: PR Web.

 22. march 2009
cool beer taps

Nice stuff via uncrate.

 16. march 2009
iron city super bowl edition

Special cans by IC:

 11. march 2009
beer: an american revolution

Nick Gillespie has a look at the history of american beer - story and video at (via Instapundit )

 9. march 2009
beer pong and herpes

Check this at U.S.News & World Report.

 9. march 2009
new sierra nevada

A Hefweizen bavarian style named 'Kellerweis' at the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.: Beer Advocate and Eastside Business news.

  9. april 2009
beer-fest in mesa

Some links:

 9. march 2009
beer flavored popcorn

More about 'Pub-Corn' at Slashfood.

 8. march 2009
electronic beer pong

Clean, fancy:

 4. march 2009
newcomer brewery

Beernut about: The Bruery of Orange County.

 27. february 2009
goat beer

Yuengling has a bock: Baltimore Sun.

 23. february 2009
beer temple

Monks have created a temple from beer bottles in Cambodia:

 21. february 2009
kid (rock) beer

Michigan Brewing Co. in Webberville (MI) will produce special craft beer for musician Kid Rock: and Hartford Courant.

 12. february 2009
once a year

Portsmouth Brewery has a special brew: and

 12. february 2009
beer pong ban?

Funny things in Baltimore: Baltimore Sun: Midnight Sun, Baltimore Sun and Baltimore Sun.

Update (17.02.2009): ABC News: Beer Pong lives (in Baltimore, at Least).

 12. february 2009
sierra nevada goes green

The brewery from Chico, California will make ethanol fuel from beer yeast:, Kicking Tires and The Times of India.

 29. january 2009
beer tour

Chris and Merideth Nelson visited 90 breweries in 15 beer destinations last year. Story at: USA Today.

 29. january 2009
beer in laos

NPR reports about the brew industry in Laos and plans for the future.

 25. january 2009
beer names

Great Falls Tribune has a story about the creativity to produce beer names.

 25. january 2009

50th anniversary of the aluminum can: Packing Digest.

 25. january 2009
what's on the tap...

... in Utah - nice pictures at NY Times.

 25. january 2009
beer pong pros

Information about professionals:

 8. january 2009
cooking with beer

Sounds great: Beer steamed mussles and Cooking with beer in Belgium.

 8. january 2009
beer from vietnam

'Louisiane Brewhouse' has beers from far reast:

 8. january 2009
predictions for 09

The 'Beer Nut' has some facts for beer in the new year Daily News Tribune and The Online Leader.



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