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 24. august 2008
florida: beer, bbq and more

Vacation in September at Florida? Check the food-festival-list at Live-PR.

 18. august 2008
olympic beer pong?

Beer pong at the olympic games? More on this topic at

 18. august 2008
robot bartender

More about the robot bartender Mr. Asahi: Reuters.

 13. august 2008
beer butt chicken v2

For the 'beer butt chicken'you need not longer a can - a new version with additional options at cnet-blogs.

 12. august 2008
milwaukee: beer, harley  and ...

... a special sauce.

 12. august 2008
beer and spies

Stasi Bar is the a beer pub in Berlin with a controversial reputation.

 1. august 2008
photo: beer fest michigan

Michigan Summer beer festival: Photos Part 1 and Part 2.



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