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30. september 2008

german beer boot

Check the special beer glass over at productdose.com.

30. september 2008

oktoberfest 18/008

Oktoberfest celebrates more than Beer: The Gateway - University of Nebraska.

29. september 2008

oktoberfest 17/008

My big fat Oktoberfest over at The Brew Lounge.



hall of fame

29. september 2008

oktoberfest 16/008

More Oktoberfest related stuff: Alamogordo News and L.A. Times.

27. september 2008

beer pong world series

Some people take it serious: San Bernardino World Series of Beer Pong Satellite Tournament. Complete story at LA Times.

25. september 2008

beer wheel

Question about beer? The beer wheel helps: uncrate.

25. september 2008

oktoberfest 15/008

Oktoberfest in Tuscon - details at The Arizona Republic.

24. september 2008

oktoberfest 14/008

Oktoberfest in the Philly area - more information at the The Brew Lounge.

23. september 2008

beer from the far east

Background about beer from Papua New Guinea at Good Beer Blog.

22. september 2008

oktoberfest 13/008

The original six of Oktoberfest beers in Munich: ABC WAYY31.

22. september 2008

oktoberfest 12/008

Oktoberfest Cape Coral FL: Press-News.com

22. september 2008

oktoberfest 11/008

Oktoberfest in Mount Lemmon Ski Valley -photos at the Arizona Daily Star.

21. september 2008

oktoberfest 10/008

Oktoberfest in Munich day 1: Deutsche Welle, iol.co.za and RTE News.

20. september 2008

chinese hofbbräuhaus

A story about the Hofbräuhaus in Shanghai: Shanghai Daily

20. september 2008

oktoberfest 9/008

Oktoberfest in Arizona: azcentral.com - and in Fremont Seattle Times.

19. september 2008

oktoberfest 8/008

Oktoberfest in Philly at the Amory: The Brew Lounge

16. september 2008

beer in kazakhstan

A new study shows the popularity of beer in Kazakhstan: Marketwatch

16. september 2008

oktoberfest 7/008

Oktoberfest in Washington: SeattlePI

16. september 2008

oktoberfest 6/008

Beerprices at the Oktoberfest: The Age

11. september 2008

oktoberfest 5/008

Beer-lovers cheer: iol.co.za

11. september 2008

no belgian bud

Some people act on the latest beer takeover: The Associated Press and FoxNews.

10. september 2008

oktoberfest 4/008

120 days of Sodom - er Beer: ABS-CBNnews

7. september 2008

oktoberfest 3/008

Oktoberfest reigns: ContraCostaTimes

6. september 2008

oktoberfest 2/008

A list with Oktoberfest-beers: Found at The Brew Lounge.

6. september 2008

great american beer fest

The big upcoming event in Denver. Found at uncrate.

5. september 2008

mongolian beer

Pretty interesting: The guys at Good Beer Blog run a story about beer from Mongolia.

4. september 2008

high flying

A story about a Carlton-float in Melbourne: The Age.

4. september 2008

oktoberfest 1/008

Jolene Ketzenberger looking forward to Oktoberfest at indystar.com.

3. september 2008

weed wins

All about 'Legal Weed' at LA Times.

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