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 27. july 2009
beer pong word series

The SeattlePI with details about bpong.com.

 27. july 2009
last ic in pit

The report at philly.com about the last Iron City Beer keg in Pittsburgh.

 18. july 2009
kid beer

Finally the Kid Rock Beer hits the markets.

 16. july 2009
flying fish and madd

Flying Fish in NJ has attracted the attention of some officals - read more at autoblog.

 13. july 2009
winners: usobc

First United States Open Beer Championships: Top ten breweries and winners at The TMR Zoo.

 4. july 2009
cheap beer on the rise

Background on german cheap beer - the sad truth: Examiner National.

 5. july 2009
north korea beer

A starving nation and beer: Times Online, Reuters India and AP: YouTube-Video.

 4. july 2009
4th of july beer pong

Patriot games: Digital City.

 3. july 2009
beer butt chicken IV

More techuniques for the chicken on a beer can: azcentral.com.

 2. july 2009
bavaria vs. bavaria 

EU court ruled for the dutch: Bloomberg: Dutch Brewer Beats Germans in Fight for Bavaria Name.

 30. june 2009
germans in philly 

Brauhaus Schmitz opens a beergarden in Philadelphia - details, pictures and video: Examiner.

 21. june 2009
beer examiners wanted! 

Check the job offer at Examiner.

 20. june 2009
yard house guide

LOT-Blogs: Guide to the Yard House: Choosing beers at the Yard House: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

 9. june 2009
beer sommelier online 

Now in the side bar 'Beer Sommelier Online' - found at : Kansas City: The Pitch Blogs.

 2. june 2009
beer butt chicken III

More on the beer can chicken plus additional tips: Traverse City Record Eagle.

 28. may 2009
beer butt chicken II

Tandoori chicken on a beer can: freep.com.

 25. may 2009
beer paradise in nashville

Seems it is a good place: examiner.com.

 22. may 2009
oktoberfest 1/009

AP reports about the beer prices for Oktoberfest 2009 compared to 2008.

 21. may 2009
beer butt chicken I

Another one recipe for chicken on a beer can: charlotteobserver.com | Food.

 9. may 2009
us beer city

The results of the vote over at Examiner. Video at abc.com.

 25. april 2009
pacifico: mobile and blog

Eyecandy and tech stuff by "Pacifico Beer": PR Newswire.

 19. april 2009
tsingtao museum

Check the "The Tipsy Room in the Tsingtao Beer Museum" at Toronto Star.

 17. april 2009
more beer wars

Beer bloggers talk about the beer-movie - check it at a good Beer Blog and The Brew Lounge.

 14. april 2009
germany: beer, food and festivals

A guide to some upcoming beer-events in Germany: Post-Tribune.

 14. april 2009
beer on hawaii

There is beer on Hawaii and it is good for the island. A movie over at KGMB9 with details.

 14. april 2009
beer pong mobile

Coming soon for 'ipod Touch' and 'iPhone': BPONG 2009.

 14. april 2009
top 50

The 'Brewers Association' named the TOP 50 of the us-breweries: beertown.org (via Slashfood).

 5. april 2009
a pilsner beer pilgrimage

Fact about Pilsner Beer from czech republic: timesleader.com.

Update (12. April 2009): MSNBC.

 2. april 2009
beer wars live

In the theaters soon: a journey in the world of american breweries - more details and a trailer over at OregonLive and Miami New Times.

Update (18. April 2009): U.S. News and Baltimore Sun

 2. april 2009
more bud for the us

Budvar boosted the export to the USA: Forbes.

 31. march 2009
green tea beer

Details about the oranic beer by a tea company: PR Web.

 22. march 2009
cool beer taps

Nice stuff via uncrate.

 16. march 2009
iron city super bowl edition

Special cans by IC: wpxi.com.

 11. march 2009
beer: an american revolution

Nick Gillespie has a look at the history of american beer - story and video at reason.tv. (via Instapundit )

 9. march 2009
beer pong and herpes

Check this at U.S.News & World Report.

 9. march 2009
new sierra nevada

A Hefweizen bavarian style named 'Kellerweis' at the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.: Beer Advocate and Eastside Business news.

  9. april 2009
beer-fest in mesa

Some links:

 9. march 2009
beer flavored popcorn

More about 'Pub-Corn' at Slashfood.

 8. march 2009
electronic beer pong

Clean, fancy: productdose.com.



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