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 29. january 2009
beer tour

Chris and Merideth Nelson visited 90 breweries in 15 beer destinations last year. Story at: USA Today.

 29. january 2009
beer in laos

NPR reports about the brew industry in Laos and plans for the future.

 25. january 2009
beer names

Great Falls Tribune has a story about the creativity to produce beer names.

 25. january 2009

50th anniversary of the aluminum can: Packing Digest.

 25. january 2009
what's on the tap...

... in Utah - nice pictures at NY Times.

 25. january 2009
beer  pong pros

Information about professionals: philliy.com.

 8. january 2009
cooking with beer

Sounds great:  Beer steamed mussles and Cooking with beer in Belgium.

 8. january 2009
beer  from vietnam

'Louisiane Brewhouse' has beers from far reast: examiner.com.

 8. january 2009
predictions for 09

The 'Beer Nut' has some facts for beer in the new year Daily News Tribune and The Online Leader.

 26. december 2008
beer bottle tree

Nice picture and video at The Inquisitr.

 26. december 2008
choc and beer 

A recipe by Jim Koch: Hartford Courant.

  16. december 2008
tv: making of beer

Discovery Channel with beer making episode: examiner.com.

  14. december 2008
cooking: beer brats special

Beer brats with feta in a wrap: wtop.com.

  14. december 2008
fish beer

From Japan: Japanese Fish Beer Adds a Dash of Dashi .

  14. december 2008
winter beer stuff

A few links related to winter beer:

  14. december 2008
food with beer southern style

A new book about cooking with Abita: KATC.COM.

  20. november 2008
christmas beer

Joe Sixpack looks at beers for christmas: philly.com.

  20. november 2008
beer shampoo

Bandai in Japan offers beer shampoo: CrunchGear.

  16. november 2008
no world record

To bad: The Punch.

  11. november 2008
12 years church brew

My experience: Great food and great beer. Information about specials - hide over to the  Brew Lounge.

  10. november 2008

Students at Rice University try to produce cancer-cure with beer: allheadlinenews.com and USA Today.

  6. november 2008
trouble for cberg

Beer giant Carlsberg has some problems:



hall of fame

hall of shame