Simple Sites for Therapists

"I had been struggling with creating a website for ten months with no success when I came across 'simple sites for therapists'. To anyone who finds IT easy it would probably seem like an over statement to say I personally found the whole area of website building frustrating and depressing; it really did have a huge negative impact. Within a day of contacting Mike I had a response which included a home page, over the next few days I sent all the information I wanted included and within a week I had a web site that looks great. Each response and instruction was very clear and understandable including follow on information which I have used to add information. I am so, so pleased with the whole process and can recommend 'simple sites' whole heartedly. Thank you Mike." (Chris Mcintyre)

"I have felt full confidence in you throughout the whole process.I am delighted with the site, the speed in which you were able to create it, its professionalism and your kindness to those lacking in computer literacy. I will always recommend you to any of my friends or colleagues if they should, at any time, require a fantastic website." (Jane Gerrard.)

"I just wanted to say I’m really pleased with the website- it’s exactly what I wanted and you’ve been very patient with my many requests! I’m so glad I contacted you and I won’t hesitate to recommend you" (Michelle Brown)

"Friends and family are very impressed - thank you so much for all your hard work. You have been great to work with and calmly guided me through the minefield with skill and patience.” (Lucy Emlyn-Jones, Accord Counselling Cardiff)

"I have been talking for over a year now about starting my own counselling practice and one of the hurdles has been about advertising. A friend offered to set up a web page as I wouldn’t have a clue but for whatever reason it never came into fruition. I rang Mike last week after seeing his add in Therapy Today and decided to ring him. As soon as I spoke to the guy I felt at ease with him and confident that he would help me overcome this hurdle. I can honestly say he has not let me down. I am so impressed by his work and his conduct and would recommend him to anyone reading this review." Jim Haughey

"Thank you so much. I am delighted and your work is fantastic!" Jane Gerrard

I'd been running Simple Sites for more than three years before it struck me that not every business needs to protect the identity of its clients - so here are some previous anonymous recommendations....

"The service provided by simplesites will suit anyone who lacks the time, expertise or inclination to set up their own website. I already had a pretty clear idea about what I wanted, but I really appreciated Mike's input as I feel I ended up with something even better. And it was all done in under a week. Well worth ninety nine quid."

"Within a couple of days my new website was designed, tailor made specifically to exactly what I wanted, on line and accessible to all. Superbly simple instructions/suggestions for me, amazing communication, and Bingo - new website up and running"

"I have to say that it was such a pleasurable experience working with you and so quick! A week from start to finish I think. I will recommend your service to all my friends".

"The great thing about having a web site done by Mike was his patient and helpful approach. Not being being very IT minded myself I never felt stupid or discouraged in our communications. I've found the web site he produced for me excellent in attracting new clients (a number of them have referred to it) and my referrals have increased as a result"

"You sure earn your fee. Me - i'll stick to psychotherapy, supervision and training psychotherapists - it's far easier!"

"I have successfully made changes to my website, following your instructions. it was easy-peasy. Just saying Thank You!"

"Once again a big thank you. You gave me a very painless and efficient service. I would not have been able to have done this without your help. Thank goodness for Simple Sites!!!"

"Just wanted to let you know that I've made a couple of textual changes to my site-your instructions are brilliant! You really understand what someone who doesn't understand needs to know."

"Many thanks for all that you have done. It looks great and I am very happy with it. Your speed in keeping up with my numerous changes was amazing and your patience I sensed through your e mails to be commended highly!!"

"I can't believe how smooth this process has been, it was exciting to watch it all develop - you just took all the pain away and let me indulge in the creative pleasure. Your website is beautifully clear when these things can get so painful and, most impressively, you have been so quick and efficient. I wish more businesses operated more like you!"

"A final and heartfelt thank you to you for the superb job which you've done for me. I am very pleased with it ..... and I am very grateful to you for your patience with my ineptness at times."

"Thank you very much for your immense patience and a great site"

"A very huge thank you - again! I am so pleased with how it looks"

"Brilliant - what a fantastic job you have done - and soooo patient! Thank you, thank you, thank you again!"

"You have provided a great service. I'm going to pass your site around to other colleagues...I can't recommend you highly enough. Thank you for your patience"