Simple Sites for Therapists

About Me

My name is Mike Simmons. I originally trained as a counsellor in the late 80's, subsequently working for Relate as a counsellor, trainer and Training Development Officer. In the early 90's I started working for the University of Wales, Newport (called at that time Gwent College of Higher Education - and now it's called the University of South Wales!) as a counselling trainer. I went on to become programme leader for the postgraduate counselling programme there and a BACP accredited trainer and, ultimately, Associate Dean for Learning & Teaching and a BACP Fellow.For my entire working life as an academic I have been using technology in different guises to enhance my students' learning, and I also have a video production company which has so far produced more than 20 commercial DVDs centered around counselling and counselling training. In my role as Associate Dean I was instrumental in creating the TELLS group - (Technology Enhanced Learning and Learning Support) which further extended my understanding of the ways in which technology can be used. My background, then, is one which has given me a keen understanding of both counselling practice and available technologies - and this is why I set up Simple Sites for Therapists.