Domain Names

You'll have seen from the "What you need to do" page that your web site will have an address something like

This is a perfectly good address, but it is lengthy, and not at all easy to remember. There's a way around this. It's possible to purchase something called a "Domain Name", which acts as a kind of forwarding address to your real one. Domain names are short and memorable. The domain name I picked for this site, for example, is "" - and that's a lot easier to cope with than its real address, which is

"" cost me £11.99 + VAT for two years, and I think it was worth the money - simply because it's so easy to remember. If you think you might like to buy a domain name too then this is one part of the process that you will need to handle yourself. If I buy the name for you it will wind up being registered in my name and that's not really an ideal arrangement - if and when something happens to me you'll be stuck! It can all be done online, however, and though there are a few forms to fill in and boxes to tick it's not that complicated a process. I've put together a page or two that will talk you through all the steps, and you can find them here.

On the other hand, if your already have a domain name which you'd like linked to your new site, then just click here.