Simple Sites for Therapists

Domain Names

You'll have seen from the "What you need to do" page that your web site will have an address something like This is a perfectly good address, but it is lengthy, and not at all easy to remember. There's a way around this. It's possible to purchase something called a "Domain Name", which acts as a kind of forwarding address to your real one. Domain names are short and memorable. The domain name I picked for this site, for example, is "" - and that's a lot easier to cope with than its real address, which is

The domain name cost me £11.99 + VAT for two years, and I think it was worth the money - simply because it's so easy to remember. If you think you might like to buy a domain name too then this is one part of the process that you will need to handle yourself. If I buy the name for you it will wind up being registered in my name and that's not really an ideal arrangement - if and when something happens to me you'll be stuck! It can all be done online, however, and though there are a few forms to fill in and boxes to tick it's not that complicated a process.

A quick search of the web will show you that there are a lot of people out there willing to sell you a domain name at a variety of prices. I'd strongly recommend a company called because they're very easy to deal with. Their prices are reasonable, they make it very straightforward to link your domain to your web site and, vitally, they answer the phone if you get stuck! You can find them here.