Simple Sites for Therapists

If you're thinking about having a web site made then I can help you. I can create a simple site - very much like this one, a few pages with pictures and text - for £125. I would do this using "Google Sites", a template based technology that is very quick to work with - hence the very low price. Once it's been created there will be no ongoing expenditure - "hosting" is provided free of charge by Google. I will also give you the information you need to update your site yourself, and this really isn't at all difficult. If you don't want to do it yourself then I'll do that for you but I'll make a charge of £25 each time for doing so - and I'll still encourage you to try for yourself next time because it is so very easy!I set up Simple Sites for Therapists because the world of counselling and therapy is a very familiar one to me - I first trained a counsellor in the mid 80's and have worked as a counsellor or counselling trainer ever since. As a consequence, I think I know what makes a good site for a therapist. If you're not a therapist then, of course, I would still be happy to hear from you! Either way, if you browse this site you should get a sense of what I have to offer. If you would like me to build you a site, or you have any queries, then please contact me.