Whitechapel Now! Mix

Whitechapel Market residency project

For 3 months Fawcett worked on a self-initiated residency project that opened up a dialogue with stall-holders on whitechapel market. The work, all made on the market or using materials sourced from the market comprises a textile and mix media sculpture called Compilation 2mx50cm, A video in which Fawcett ate every sweet on the stall 'Rajmahal Sweets' and 'Dolly mix', which consists of objects from the market. These come together in an assemblage of readymades. On the cd cover which introduces the project under the guise of another 'Now thats what I call music' cd's, the project is referred to as an ethnographic study, an officious term and a stark contrast to day-glow graphics, the term positions these surreal works as fieldwork. The lack of narrative to the video '30 Days in Rajmahal' references the subjective/objective polemic in ethnography. Fawcett consumes the sweets with out divulging an opinion, regardless of whether she likes them or not. Living 2 minutes from the market is what gives Fawcett the license, though tenuous, to call it auto ethnography, a study of her own cultural and geographical milieu. The piece attempts to address the segregation between and the meeting of different cultures, which is embodied in the dolls in 'Dolly `mix'. Though blonde haired, blue eyed and produced in china, the dolls sing and dance to indian music. This project will be shown for the first time at the group SHAPE AND MATERIAL. A show curated by Laura Plana Gracia showcasing the work of 11 emerging artists.