Dream Machine, Right-brain capsule

Dream Machine

(Altered States Express, estimated time of arrival 28 hours 14 minutes and 7 seconds from now)

wool, synthetic hair, candles, mixed media

Right-Brain Capsule

synthetic mammoth, synthetic wolf, television, mixed media

These works came about from an ongoing interest in the presence of the occult esoteric in contemporary western culture, particularly contemporary shamanic practices across the globe. Interested in our secular spirituality and transections between popular culture and shamanism in the west, Fawcett is researching trance induction through a process known as neuron entrainment. Neuron entrainment involves driving the auditory and visual sensory modalities through techniques such as photic and sonic looping, repetition, rhythmic induction and binaural beats.

Dream Machine (Altered States Express...) 2012 is a vehicle for trance induction through visual stimuli and physical deprivation. Surreal anthropomorphic shelter 'Right Brain Capsule' 2012 is an environment based on the work of Soul Coach, Steven Saunders. Trained physicist and engineer, Steven Saunders believes we can connect to our right brain and solve many problems through language structure and repetition.