Pour Georges

An on-going project that commemorates and celebrates the life of the french Mathematician, Georges Flory.

Georges Flory (1922-2009) was a Parisian Mathematics Professor who published books about Algebra that were translated into Spanish and English. He was also an amateur Poet and Playwright. He also happened to be my beloved Grandfather.

This piece celebrates, through the collaboration of close family members and villagers, his life through memorial, re-enactment and repetition of memorial and documentation of memorial. On May 14th 2009 6 Bell-Ringers rang a Quarter peal of Grandsire Doubles on the church bells of Thornham Magna church (a continuous sequence of peals (ringing patters) rung on 6 bells)for 45 minutes in memory of George Flory. In 2011 on St. Georges day, the bell ringers re-assembled and rang the peal once more. A split screen video shows the Bell-Ringers on one hand and 'La Dictée' on the other. La Dictée is a video of the artist being dictated the entire sequence of numbers that makes the Quarter Peal of Grandsire Doubles. The uses the black board as a sacred vehicle of communication and a space for problem solving, instrumental to Mathematicians as a pedagogic tool until the present day, The blackboard as well as the name 'Dictée' recalls school day memories, being dictated text by a teacher.

An A4 certificate of the Bell-ringing is painstakingly scaled up by hand into a 2mx1m embroidery.