fry up@ rocksteady eddies

During this Project, a self-initiated residency, Fawcett began to familiarise herself with the regulars of Cold harbour lane's well loved greasy spoon joint Rock Steady

Eddie's. A series of subtle interventions in the space including flowers on each table in rice filled pink bottles, a copy of adbusters, framed sketches of the regulars were celebrated with a sunday morning private view and a printed photo-cake for all the patrons.

Loukom/I am home

For "Loukoum/I am Home"

Fawcett was grappling with her initial confrontation and culture shock with local gun and knife crimes, shops selling plastic weapons everywhere whilst kids young enough to play with them were messing with the real thing. Fawcett started playing with Marshmallow, a material imbibed with pleasant nostalgia and historical significance to recast toy imitations of adult objects such as weapons and household tools, Recast , in their new incarnation, soft and flesh-like the utensils and weapons find a new trag-comic meaning.